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Public Sector Employment in Bulgaria

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Public sector employment (civil service) in Bulgaria is structured on two main types of personnel; civil servants and contract employees. The Law of July 1999 provides the status of civil servants in the country, while general employment law governs public sector contract employees. The civil service work force is split relatively evenly between the two personnel categories with approximately 47% being civil servants, and 53% being contract employees.

Rights of public sector employees in Bulgaria

Civil servants and contract employees benefit from the same rights as provided under the relevant law. Examples of public sector employee rights include:

  • Right to remuneration

  • Freedom of speech (this does not extend to participating in organized strikes)

  • Right to join a Trade Union

  • Right to symbolic protect action

It is imperative that civil servants meet their obligations as a public sector employee, some of which include;

  • Remaining impartial

  • Observe hierarchical obedience

  • Act in a manner compliant with law, secrecy and political neutrality

Recruitment of public sector employees

The recruitment procedure does not involve any competitive exams, however, applicants seeking a position as a civil servant must meet the necessary conditions. Some of the most important requirements that applicants must satisfy include, but are not limited to:

  • Hold Bulgarian citizenship

  • Meet the applicable age requirements

  • Hold appropriate qualifications and specialist experience where applicable

  • No previous criminal record

Once an applicant attains a position as a civil servant, they will benefit from regular training programs carried out by the Public Administration Department at Sofa University. Training and career progression is taken very seriously in the public sector and so it is important that individuals work to continually improve their skills to gain promotions within their department.

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