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Public Service Career Paths in Singapore


Employment in the public sector in Singapore is a highly sought after career path for many due to the range of employee benefits available, job security, and career growth that public sector employees enjoy.

Depending on your interests, skills, experience and qualifications, you can select a particular area of public sector employment that appropriately matches your career goals. There are executive/graduate positions available, and non-executive positions.

Executive posts:

These types of professions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Management Executives

  • Accountant/finance jobs

  • Foreign Service Officers

  • Teachers

  • Information Communications and Public Affairs Executives

Non-executive posts:

Popular professions within this public sector employment category include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Junior Uniformed Service Officer

  • Operation Support Officer

  • Management Support Officer

Career development

As a public service employee, there are many career development opportunities available. Employees are entitled to 100 hours of training each year, which ultimately helps in fulfilling the growing demands of a job, and enables employees to progress within their department. Employees can also participate in job rotation, which enables them to learn new skills in different department areas.

Sponsorships and postgraduate scholarships are available to public service employees depending on their knowledge and areas of study. This is a particularly effective way for public service employees to further their career potential and become skilled in a specific area of specialization.

Employee benefits

Public service employees benefit from competitive salary packages, which are largely based on work performance. Rewards and incentives are common in public service jobs to motivate employees to maintain and improve their quality of work. Salary packages typically include the basic annual salary, performance based bonuses, merit incentives, and other annual benefits such as non-pensionable annual allowances.  

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