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Questions to Expect In an Interview

interview questions

 Before attending any interview it is absolutely essential that you are as fully prepared as possible. However when applying for an executive-level job, it is particularly important to be exceptionally well-prepared as this will undoubtedly influence your success during the interview.

Having a full set of answers ready for a range of questions will not only provide you with the confidence you need to succeed in interview, but will also give recruiters a very positive impression of you.

Below is a list of some of the questions you can expect to be asked in an interview and some tips on how to respond:

What is your management style?

Companies often ask this question to see if your management style fits the culture of the company or the demands of the role. There are countless ways to manage people, including with extreme control or with a greater distance between you and your team. The interviewer(s) will want to know the strategies that you adopt to bring out the best in individuals.

How do you cope when managing a group of difficult employees?

A question of this nature aims to establish what your strategies are when dealing with difficult employees. It is important that you are able to provide an example of a previous time when you had to cope with difficult employees, and how you dealt with the situation. Interviewers will ask this question as it is not unusual for companies to experience issues between difficult employees.

What methods do you use to evaluate employee’s job performance?

This type of question is looking to gauge your competencies when dealing with management related tasks. When answering this question, you will need to provide a specific example of how you have demonstrated that required competency.

Tell me about an important assignment or task that you successfully delegated?

Such a question aims to establish your strengths in task delegation and how you ensure that those tasks are successfully completed. Successful delegation in the workplace demonstrates effective leadership skills which is one of the most important factors that an interviewer will look for in the interview.


In all of the above questions it is vital that you provide examples, as your interviewers will be looking for precise examples of how you dealt with particular scenarios. In today’s competitive employment environment, providing concrete examples of your achievements will ensure that you come across as completely prepared and professional in the interview setting. 

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