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Quick and Easy Christmas Themed Snacks for the Office Party

Christmas party at work

It’s bad enough employees are forced into attending the cringe worthy office Christmas party, but to then be expected to cater for it too takes the dread to a whole new level. What will I cook? Will it turn out like the recipe picture? Will my co-workers like it? Will I poison the boss by mistake? The panic can cause a whole range of questions to be answered, and that’s before you even begin to throw on an apron and step foot in the kitchen. Who has time for cooking after work though? Especially Christmas themed snacks that are office friendly and party appropriate. Well, luckily for you, I have compiled some of the quickest and easiest Christmas themed snacks to give you some inspiration!

#1 Chocolate Covered Pretzels

chocolate pretzels

These are not only considered a ‘taste sensation’ by most, but they are very quick and easy to prepare. Pick up pretzels from your local supermarket, melt some good quality milk chocolate (or dark chocolate if you are health conscious), dip the pretzels in and then roll in some sprinkles. Try opt for red and white sprinkles, or even better, edible glitter! Leave to one side to set and then place on a festive themed tray to added effect.

#2 Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies

reindeer ginderbread

Take your regular gingerbread cookie recipe (food as a great recipe which can be found here), and then use your previously purchased reindeer moulds to shape the cookies. Be sure to make all cookies the same thickness to ensure an even bake. Once our the oven and cooled, you can then decorate the reindeer! Use a white icing pen to shape the reindeer and use small silver (edible) balls for the eyes for added sparkle. You can also double up on the cookies by cemented some white icing sugar between two. This will make them a more substantial snack!

#3 Goat Cheese Toast Bites

goat cheese bita

This is a savoury option for those who are not so keen on being to blame for the sugar rush and added pounds to your co-workers’ wasitlines over Christmas. For this snack, all you need is small melba toast bites (this can be found in any mainstream supermarket), goats cheese, rocket and cherry tomatoes. This snack is still considered to be festive enough to take to the office Christmas party, and is very simply to make (or assemble I should say!). Simply layer each piece of melba toast with rocket, then goats cheese and top with half a cherry tomato. These can be served cold or warmed up in the oven slightly, just before serving.

#4 Smoked Turkey Pate

Smoked Turkey Pate

A very festive snack and one that is fast to whip up in the kitchen is smoked turkey pate. All  you need is leftover cooked turkey (plentiful around the festive period), toasted almonds, butter, green onion, sweet n’ sour sauce, soy sauce, and then some cracker to serve with. The full recipe can be found on cooks and is really a treat for an office party. Simply put all your ingrediants into a food processor, put the mixture into one big mould, or small individual moulds, and leave to chill and set. Opt to plain crackers or melba toast so that the full flavour of the pate is absorbed!

#5 Christmas Chocolate Strawberries

Christmas Chocolate Strawberries

This one is a favourite at Christmas markets up and down the country, and so why not make it a favourite in the office too? Simply and quick to prepare, all you need is a couple of boxes of strawberries, good quality milk, dark and white chocolate, sprinkles and wooden scewers. All of these ingredients can be picked up at your local supermarket.

To prepare the snack, melt the chocolate individually, then skewer all strawberries so that you can hold them easily when coating in chocolate. Dip half of each strawberry into the milk chocolate mixture (be sure to make 50% with milk chocolate and 50% with dark chocolate so it looks more appealing on the plate!). With the melted white chocolate, drop from a spoon at a height above the milk and dark coated strawberries to cover them in white chocolate stripes. Once all are coated, sprinkle some edible glitter from a height so as to just lightly later each strawberry. Set aside to chill and then arrange neatly on a festive themed place for extra effect.

If you are not a fan of cooking then these Christmas themed snacks are the ideal solution for you! It is more about assembling the ingredients than actual cooking, plus all 5 inspired recipes are quick and easy to prepare, thus ensuring you spend as little time as possible in the kitchen!

Do you have an office Christmas party on the horizon? Are you expected to bring homemade snacks? If so, tell us what you intend to make! Add more ideas to the comments section below – I would love to hear your ideas!

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