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QUIZ: Are You a Respected Leader?

A good boss is a rarity. You may believe you are a great boss, but the truth is, your employees may feel very differently.

There are 5 main features of a good boss. They should be...

1.      An inspirational leader

2.      Supportive and encouraging

3.      Committed and honest

4.      Fair yet authoritative

5.      A great communicator

Knowing what your employees really think of you is difficult unless you outright ask them, but this could cause an awkward atmosphere in the office and may also influence employees’ opinions. Let's face it - if an employee really hated you, they are unlikely to tell you this!

One way to ascertain whether you are a good boss or not is to ask yourself the questions below – the more you can answer ‘yes’ to, the more likely it is your employees would consider you a good boss!

**Remember to be honest when answering these questions**

#1 Do your employees follow you and take on board what you say?

#2 Do you have influence over your team?

#3 Do you inspire your employees to progress and realize their potential?

#4 Can you solve problems and think outside the box?

#5 Are you able to communicate to all employees?

#6 Do you implement change in order to better work practices and procedures?

#7 Do you support your employees and take time to listen to their issues?

#8 Do you provide regular feedback and staff appraisals?

#9 Do you provide incentives to motivate your staff?

#10 Do your employees feel comfortable coming to you with problems or work related concerns they have?


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