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Reaching a Wide Audience through Social Media

If you are looking to reach out to as wide an audience as possible then you will need to adopt a number of tactics that can ensure your job vacancy appeals to as many people as possible. This will give you greater scope during the hiring process and a wider range of options during the candidate selection process. Social media is becoming one of the most popular ways to appeal to a wide job seeker audience during the recruitment process.

Social media recruiting

Social media recruiting has taken the internet world by storm as millions of job seekers flock to the World Wide Web in their search for employment. According to statistics the internet is one of the most prominent locations for job seekers to search for employment; therefore a growing number of recruiters are taking advantage by posting their vacancies on as many social media platforms as possible. These include:

·         Facebook

A company profile page can be created and job vacancies can be posted on the page. With billions of people on Facebook, your job posting can reach as wide an audience as possible.


Twitter has around 500 million users and it is therefore no surprise that recruiters are acknowledging the effectiveness of this social media platform.


With over 175 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks in the world. A business-oriented social networking site, it attracts job seekers and recruiters alike and is the ideal way to build relationships between the two parties.


With over 100 million active users, Google+ allows you to post your available vacancy as a status and reach out to a wide and active audience.


Growing in popularity as a way to hire top recruits, Pinterest enables you to create job vacancy postings in a creative and engaging manner.


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