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Real Life Bad Bosses!

While most people will encounter a boss throughout their career who they view as a complete b******; how many of us will ever have a boss who truly deserves the title. The kind of person, who you imagine used to torture little animals when they were a child and steal other kids lunch money at school.  The character David Brent from the Office is often used as the archetype of the worst boss. However for all his flaws he was not a truly bad person, granted he was a tool and an ******* but he was like the kid who nobody likes at school but never quite gets it.

However, as a cautionary note I thought that I would show you some examples of some truly bad bosses. Who knows, you may actually start to think that you’re current boss is ok. Just remember if you’re boss is anything like these guys run a mile!

Thanks For The Kidney

This example from the U.S. is almost unbelievable.  Debbie Stevens donated a Kidney to her employer Jackie Brucia purely out of the goodness of her own heart. It’s kind of touching when you think about it really isn’t it. However, because Stevens had to take time off work due to complications from the surgery to remove the kidney, her boss fired her soon after she donated the kidney. Brucia’s justification was because she didn’t want it to seem like she was giving Stevens special treatment.  So a word of advice, if your boss asks you to donate an organ, don’t do it. Tell them whatever you need to: tell them do already gave the organ to someone else. Failing that; politely leave the room and run like hell.

So You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Have you ever wanted to kill your boss? Has your boss ever wanted to kill you? In 2009 the owner of a Private Bus Hire Company cut employees’ pay and took away the passports of his Uzbekistani workforce. As you would imagine they were not too impressed with this and went on strike. In order to solve the dispute, the owner decided to attack them with his shotgun, killing one of his workers.

Similarly in Atlanta, a car dealership owner decided to kill his only two employees because they asked him for a pay rise. Maybe next time you ask for a pay rise you should consider wearing a Flak jacket under your shirt? Just a bit of food for thought.

Please Have a Seat!

If you thought that working for non-profit organizations was always a nice experience then you are mistaken. While working for a Minnesota based NGO, one employee and her team had to reach amazingly high sales goals in order to raise money for a cause. Despite making $75,000 in the first month and $150,000 in the second month, all of the employees were disciplined for not making enough money. The punishment was to have their chairs taken away permanently even though they work with e-commerce.  In fact, the employer changed all their job descriptions to standing only so that she could fire a disabled employee who was not able to work without a chair. I certainly hope they weren’t raising money for the Paralympic Games…

I suppose the lesson to be learned from all of these examples is that although you may not particularly like your boss, maybe he makes snide comments occasionally, he hasn’t tried to kill you yet, I hope! But as previously said if you see any of these kind of characteristics in your boss; it may be time to get a new job or a Flak jacket, it’s up to you! 

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