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What can I do if I am really bored at work?

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Help! I have been working for the same company for three years now, but it feels like it’s been 10. I can no longer do the work I once was excited about, and I noticed that I get bored easily. The salary is good, my coworkers and boss treat me well and have no complaints about the work itself, but somehow I feel drained up and it’s like I don’t fit in anymore. What’s wrong with me? I find it difficult to get out of the bed every morning and have come to the point where I look at the time every five minutes and just can’t wait to go home. The worst thing is that there is nothing to do about it. Right now, I am lucky to have a job and the job market is difficult as it is which means I can’t risk going to being unemployed, especially when I have a family I need to provide for. What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated.

Kyriaki says:

I think most people can empathise with you; lacking the motivation to work is a common problem that nearly everyone encounters at some point in their career. When you start a new job, you wake up excited to go to work, prepare your clothes the night before, and get to the office early. But, after spending a few years working for the same company things gradually change, and you end up snoozing your alarm until you are forced to get up.

Luckily, there are a few possible solutions to your problem. Let’s take a look.

Find Your Work-Life Balance

People who don’t like their jobs or get bored easily aren’t necessarily unhappy in their jobs. Sometimes there are external forces that make them feel that way. Other responsibilities often get in the way that makes it tough for the modern worker to cope with the stress of everyday life. Personal life demands such as taking care of children, running errands and preparing dinner for the family only makes things seem worse than they already are.

So, it might not be that it’ your work that needs fixing, but you. If you manage to come up with a schedule that allows for some personal time along with your job responsibilities, you will find it easier to relax at work because you won’t be anxious about everything you need to do the following day. The key is finding your work-life balance. Discover what’s not working for you and be willing to change. For example, if you are struggling with this, ask your boss if it’s possible to work from home a few days a week or introduce more flexible work.

Look for Another Job

I know that this is easier said than done, but it’s worth trying out. Perhaps you aren’t tired of your job, but the nature of the work and whatever comes with it. I mean, you may be happy with your boss and colleagues, but what do you think of the working hours and company culture or the way the organisation works? Does waking up at seven o’ clock every morning feel like a nightmare to you? If yes, can you do anything about it? Are you sticking to a routine job that you can’t stand anymore? If yes, perhaps this is the first thing you need to fix.

The truth is that every company works in a unique way and a job with the same title may have different responsibilities and day-to-day duties. Some employers may have their employees working independently most of the day while others prefer working in groups, brainstorming and trying out different activities.

This, of course, depends on the company culture and the values of management. If you don’t get that in the workplace, you can ask your boss for some more variety in your role. But, if you think that you can’t cope or keep up with their style, it might be a good idea to start looking for another job. Perhaps getting a job at another company will suit you best. Besides, not wanting to get out of bed every morning is one of the signs you need to quit your job.

Consider a Career Change

Have you ever thought that you picked the wrong career? If nothing else works, you might want to try your luck in another profession. So what if your degree doesn’t relate to it? If you want to enjoy a successful career you have to find a job that makes you happy, right? To do that, you need to be flexible enough to change jobs - or even industries, if needs be. In such a competitive job market, being flexible is considered an advantage because it allows you to change your focus quickly, no matter what kind of work environment you are in. So, if you find that your job doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t complete you any more or it is just plain boring, you may need to consider a career change.

It might help if you take some time to:

  1. Think about your skills: identify both transferable and technical skills and look for jobs that require your skillset.
  2. Explore careers: look at different routes to professions that you find interesting and can imagine yourself in.
  3. Network for opportunities: talk with people in your network, ask for opportunities and find more information that can help you out.

Everyone occasionally has bad days at work. But, if you feel that it’s been a long time since you had a good one, then it might be a sign that you need to do something about it. In the worst case scenario, you will need to change job. A decision like this will probably take some time, so you better evaluate all of your options before you do it.

I hope that this clears up some of the confusion. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us again!

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