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Reasons to Start Your Christmas Campaign Now

Companies always begin their Christmas campaigns well in advance of the big day. Whilst the average consumer may complain about this, in terms of business it’s the best decision you can make. It’s vital to start your Christmas campaign right now if you’re going to make sure you maximise your profits this year. We’re going to take a look at just some of the key reasons to begin preparations for the big holiday campaign now.                              

Sales are Already Starting

Online marketing isn’t about reaching people after they’ve started shopping. It’s about getting to them before they can make a decision about a purchase. People always start to think about Christmas shopping well in advance of Christmas. In fact, a lot of people start to shop as early as Halloween. If you haven’t started by this point, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Not everyone shops at the last-minute. A lot of people take pride in being able to complete their shopping as early as possible.

Make Your Company Stand Out

A lot of companies like yours will begin their Christmas campaigns at the start of December. Selfridges’ flagship store, in London, realised the potential in this, and so decided to take this one step further in order to stand out. This is why they started their Christmas campaign in August. It caught the public’s attention which led to them getting the media promotion they were looking for.

Of course, we aren’t saying you have to start early, but by starting a week or two earlier than everyone else you can stand out. You’re getting a head start on everyone else which will in turn gain you the interest you’re looking for.

Time to Change

If there’s anything online promoters know, it’s that most of the time it’s all about trial and error. Unfortunately, you need time to work at trial and error. If you start your campaign late, you have to get it right the first time, simply because you have no room to switch everything around.

By starting earlier, you can break out some of your more experimental plans. If these techniques fail to work, feel free to switch everything completely to something more solid. You have the time to do this.

Upcoming Time Crunch

The time spent on online marketing is a mere part of what you’ll be doing in November and December. With other time consuming tasks increasing, you will have less and less time to work on new marketing plans, and online marketing in general. You don’t have time to make big promotional decisions in the middle of a frantic holiday campaign.

Here are some of the ways in which you save time later on:

  •          You have the logistics in place.
  •          Your products and the way they’re promoted are planned well in advance.
  •          You can troubleshoot and test your campaigns before Christmas descends.

Pricing Issues

Did you know running an advertisement is more expensive during the Christmas period?

Well, if this is your first Christmas campaign, you’re about to find that out. There’s more competition so, naturally, people are bidding higher for advertising spaces. On the other hand, if you start earlier you’re getting lower prices. A lot of companies are purposely not advertising in September and October, so there’s less competition and therefore lower prices.

You’ll get better conversion rates and each ad campaign will make its budget go further. This means you can build up a bigger marketing budget for the final Christmas rush.

Overall, starting your Christmas campaign early brings you benefits in cost, efficiency, and flexibility. Whilst you may grumble at the sight of Christmas decorations in September, the truth is this is the time to get ahead of your competition.


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