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Reasons You’re Not Being Offered the Job

If you are in the process of searching for employment but have yet to be successful, there are a number of reasons why this may be the case. It is important to assess every aspect of your job search, from the contents of your CV to your behavior during the interview.

Below are some of the many reasons why you aren't making the cut:

#1 Boasting about your accomplishments

Although there is no harm in discussing your accomplishments in an interview and selling yourself in a positive light, there is a fine line between doing this and blowing your own trumpet. Recruiters like to hear about your accomplishments but as soon as you come across as arrogant and boastful they will no longer view you positively.

Answer all interview questions with complete sincerity and if you are proud of your accomplishments, demonstrate them in an objective manner.

#2 Hassling the interviewer

Towards the end of the interview you should ask the interviewers what their intentions are from here onwards and when you will be able to get a result with regards to the next stage in the interview process.

Once your interview has taken place you should follow the interview with a thank you note expressing your gratitude to the interviewers' time. It is also wise to use this opportunity to follow up on one of the questions that you were asked during the interview and explain exactly why you want the job. Keep the note brief and to the point and do not send any gifts with your thank you note. From here, be patient in waiting for the result as you do not want to be seen as desperate.

#3 Flattery gets you nowhere...

Do not be too nice or overly accommodating during the interview as the recruiter will perceive you as a weak character that is unable to express their true opinion. You never know, the interview could be asking you particularly awkward questions as a test of your personality and character! If you have an opinion about certain matters do not be afraid to express it provided that you do so with tact and awareness.

#4 Weak online branding

The internet is an incredibly public facility that is openly accessible to anymore. It is therefore crucial to be sure that any online activity you perform is either set to private or generally acceptable. Anything you post on your social media profiles will likely be found by recruiters so bear this in mind also! Additionally, if you have your own website, ensure that the content is acceptable and not controversial in any way.   

#5 Speaking too soon!

After any job interview it is easy to gloat about how well it went, particularly if you are at the stage of discussing salaries and the company’s pay scheme. However, a job offer can change at any moment and it is therefore better to remain quiet until you have signed a contract.

Avoid any mention of success on your social networking sites, your personal blog or other forums. If recruiters spot your boldness they may change their minds before you even get the chance to sign the contract. 

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