STUDENT LIFE / APR. 24, 2015
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Recent Grads Talk About Earning Their First Salary

Being broke is no joke--especially while attending college.

After you land that first job after graduation, earning a steady income feels like a breath of fresh air.

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No more struggling to pay your bills and other expenses. No more sacrificing the little money you have just to do the things you enjoy most.

Of course with the first job still comes responsibilities, but affording those living obligations become a little easier.

This experience comes true for a lot of higher-learning graduates each year.

According to money-conscious startup company NerdWallet, employers plan to hire 8 percent more college graduates this year than last year. That means a lot of entry-level workers will be earning their very first professional salary in the industry of their choice.

In an interview with a few recent graduates, NerdWallet decided to ask how they felt when they first started earning a salary.

Some felt relieved knowing that they had a job immediately after finishing their studies.

"Getting my first job offer was similar to getting my first college admissions letter," said Jibran Khan, a market strategist for Hotel Tonight. "Now I knew at least I was set for the next phase of my life and it was kind of going to be smooth selling for the next couple months."

As far as negotiating his salary, Khan says that he didn’t consider it at all because he wanted to prove himself as an entry-level worker.

However, business development worker Onn Rubin with Jhana admits that he gave it a try.

"I did try to negotiate my salary, but it was quite unsuccessful," Rubin said.

The interviewees also went into detail describing their spending habits.

NerdWallet writer Teddy Nykiel mentioned how saving has never been an issue for her considering the fact that she’s a frugal spender. Now that she’s working in her field, she has been introduced to new saving options like starting a 401K and IRA.

Transitioning from college to the working world can be a positive change, especially when it comes to financial stability.

Once you start your first job, you can look forward to earning a livable salary, saving more responsibly, and being able to afford certain expenses.

The Vice President of Operations at NerdWallet also shares her experience as a first-time graduate professional.

Check it out!

Are you a recent graduate about to start your first job? Are you worried about the transition to supporting yourself? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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