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Recommended Courses and Activities To Improve Your Employability

During your university years it is fundamental to make full use of the classes, group and societies available to you. Ultimately, these experiences will improve your employability when it comes to making that first step on the career ladder. Participating in courses and activities will improve your life skills, inspire you and give you an insight into what you wish to do with your professional life. In addition, they will reflect positively on you when you begin searching for employment.

Examples of societies and how they can enhance your employability:

Student Media: Joining the university’s on-site newspaper or magazine is an excellent opportunity to learn about the internal structure of the media industry. This will enable you to enhance your writing, reporting, and photography skills and put them into practice. Joining such societies gives you the opportunity to have your work published, and demonstrates to employers that you are a proactive and organized individual who is passionate about developing your career. Fundamentally, this gives recruiters a chance to view your work in a published capacity.

Art Societies: If you are looking for a career in the arts, it is recommended to join a society that enables you to draw on and enhance these skills on a regular basis. Societies that involve theatre, film, arts, dance, design and music will give you hands-on experience in this field, giving future employers an opportunity to see your creative skills and obtain references.  

Debating Society: Enables you to learn how to defend a point and speak with evidence and not emotion. Joining a debating society improves your overall confidence and ability to speak in front of groups of people, which will help enormously in group interviews and ultimately, business meetings.

Volunteering Society: Joining a society of this nature will provide you with strong networking connections. It will provide you with additional references that are not education-based, and will demonstrate your compassion towards others. It will show potential employers that you are dedicated to working hard and helping others.  Volunteering is also highly advisable if you want to work in a charitable or not-for-profit industry.

Course Specific Societies: These can improve your employability dramatically, particularly if you take on additional responsibilities, such as becoming treasurer or events planner and being responsible for placing orders and making bookings. This will enhance your organization, time management and networking skills.  

Sports Societies: These particular types of societies assist individuals in improving their team building, leadership and group working skills. Sports societies help to enhance members’ confidence, build solid networks, and meet tangible goals. Membership keeps you driven, determined, enthusiastic and passionate about what you do, which will ultimately shine through in any job interview. In addition it will improve your overall health and energy, which are excellent employability qualities. 

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