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SOCIAL MEDIA / DEC. 25, 2016
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How to Get a Recruiter’s Attention on Social Media

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Using social media to search for jobs is nothing new. In fact, soon after these platforms were created, recruiters and jobseekers alike began using them to find jobs and employees to fill them. According to a Jobvite survey almost 60 per cent of people looking for employment utilise these channels, and hiring managers are following suit. 87 per cent of them search for candidates on Linkedin while only 43 per cent use Facebook, despite the fact that 67 per cent of jobseekers favour this platform.

Social media is no longer something that only the cool kids use. It’s now part of everyone’s job search process which means that competition on these channels is just as fierce as it’s everywhere else.

Jobseekers who want to set themselves apart from the crowd on social media need to implement an effective strategy to get the recruiter’s attention. Ensuring that your profiles have no content that could harm your chances of appealing to a hiring manager is essential, but everyone knows this. You need to implement creative strategies that will allow you to not only get a job but get a job you’ll love as well.

Social Media Strategies

1. Swap Your Paper Based CV for a Digital Profile

If there’s one thing that’s going to change in the job market in the years to come is that paper format CVs will become obsolete. Most of us already send digital versions of those CVs, and as recruiters read them either on PC or some device, it begs the question whether it’s necessary to stick to use paper versions for much longer.

In fact, building a digital profile that lists your skills and qualifications might be the choice that will make a difference in your job search. Not only are these profiles more user-friendly, but they are also more appealing and interactive.

There are many platforms out there that will allow you to build a tailored profile, but the key is to find something that works for you and which you personally find appealing; being confident about your choice will bring out your best qualities so consider your personal tastes as part of the equation.

  • Linkedin: It may seem the most obvious choice, but there’s a good reason for that. Linkedin is popular amongst recruiters who consider it as their go-to social media recruiting channel. It’s highly customizable, and it’s structured in a way that allows jobseekers to demonstrate their best qualities. Of course, as Linkedin is gaining momentum in the recruiting world, it’s essential that your profile is as complete as possible (including a picture and a summary, etc.)
  • SlideShare: One of the most interactive choices, Slideshare allows you to turn your CV into a slideshow. Its visual format allows you to stand out and appeal to the reader. Also, it’s important to note that over 70 million professionals prefer this channel for their professional content, so there’s a good chance that your recruiter is already familiar with it.

2. Advertise Yourself

The key to getting the recruiter’s attention is to incorporate a marketing strategy into your job search. You should brand yourself and look for ways to promote your brand, and this means implementing strategies that will allow you to advertise yourself effectively.

Although you might be scared of putting yourself out there, the truth is that it is essential if want to get your dream job. Finding creative ways to advertise yourself will depend heavily on the industry you are in and the position you want, but the key is to do something that will grab the recruiter’s attention.

Many a jobseeker have used this strategy to get the job they wanted and perhaps the biggest success story belongs to Alec Brownstein’s. Brownstein, a content writer, was having trouble getting a job that he wanted, so he thought of a creative strategy that ended up getting him a role loved. As he would regularly google himself he thought that hiring managers must do that as well and so he bought the name of the recruiters he was interested in on Google Adwords for a mere 15 cents and added a link to his website in the advertisement. Before long he had received call backs for interviews, and by the end of the year he was offered positions with various prominent companies.

3. Form a Relationship With the Recruiter

With the advances in technology, nothing is easier than finding recruiters and hiring managers of the companies you are interested in working for, and this means that creating a relationship with them is easier than ever. Although you should be careful to not come across as creepy, it can be beneficial to your career to form a relationship with the person responsible for the hiring process. You can connect with them via Linkedin or even Facebook - as long you ensure that you remain professional - and let them know why you are fascinated by the company. Don’t tell them that you are looking for a job right from the start, rather wait until they demonstrate some interest in you.

You can also initiate your relationship by sharing articles you think they might be interested in and explaining why you thought they’d find it interesting. It’s important to share an interest in the industry so don’t be afraid to put yourself there; the worst that can happen is that they don’t hire you.

4. Ensure that You Have All the Right Keywords

Whether you are going traditionalist and keeping the paper-based CV format or trying to reinvent your brand and applying for a position with a digital profile one’s thing for sure; that it needs to be tailored to the job description. It’s a piece of advice that’s repeatedly offered to jobseekers because it really does make a difference. Most recruiters are extremely busy and considering that they receive an average of two hundred applications for each vacancy it’s obvious that they are not going to waste their time to go through each and every one and this is where keywords come in.

Keywords help make a CV stand out by making it easier for the reader to scroll through it and find the pieces of information that are of interest to them. Unless you are careful about using the same terminology and listing the same skills as the job description, there’s a good chance that your application might never get read.

However, by spending some time to go through this process, you are ensuring that you will get noticed. You are making your application relevant which is exactly what the recruiter wants to see. Not a single recruiter is interested in doing the hard work for you and by adding keywords you are showing respect for their time so even if you don’t feel quite ready to put yourself out there with the rest of the techniques listed here, this is something you should definitely do.

5. Engage With Their Brand

As company culture is becoming something that more and more companies are interested in investing in, most jobseekers have a list with at least two businesses they’d love to work for. If you’ve already made your list but are not quite sure how to approach the recruiter, then you should start by engaging with their brand.

Companies interested in attracting top talent have begun using social media to promote their company culture, and nothing could tell them you are interested in a more obvious manner than engaging with posts that illustrate their spirit. Make sure that you follow the organisations you are interested in on all platforms and like and share their posts. It’s also advisable to begin commenting on these posts and endear yourself to the company. By gaining visibility in this manner, you are ensuring future success; creating a personal relationship with the hiring manager will be easier if you successfully engage with their brand.


Attracting a recruiter’s attention on social media is possible so long as you implement creative strategies that allow you put yourself out there. Keep in mind that it’s important not to come across as pushy, rather you should always maintain the persona of a professional who’s interested in joining the target organisation’s workforce. Whatever strategy you choose to implement, you should know that your efforts should all be aimed in one direction: to make you stand apart.

Do you have any questions about attracting recruiters on social media? If you do, let us know in the comment section below.

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