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Recruiters Judge you by Your Facebook Profile - Not Your Qualifications

Did you know that employers are spying on you online in order to decide if you are suitable for the job? Apparently this phenomenon has now become a popular trend amongst recruiters who are using social media in search for new talent! But what are they really hoping to find out and on what do they base their decision?

This infographic from Go-Gulf shows how social media is used in the pre-employment candidate screening to help you gain an understanding of how recruiters make their decisions. According to the infographic, the top 2 reasons why employers are using social media is to assess a candidate’s professionalism and to determine whether he/she is a good fit for their company!

This means that if you are using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you should be careful of what you post on your profiles to ensure that your photos and content look as professional as possible.

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Are you currently looking for a job? Have you made all the necessary changes to your profile? Let us know in the comment section below…

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