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Regulations Regarding Civil Servants in Romania

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Civil servants in Romania are regulated by the Civil Service Act, which provides all obligations, rights and benefits associated with being a civil servant. It also stipulates the selection and appointment of individuals to the civil service. It is therefore important for individuals who are interested in a public service career, to be aware of the provisions laid down in the act as such provisions will directly affect the employment conditions and rights they receive.

Selection and recruitment

The selection of civil servants is laid down in section 1 of the act which states that the admittance of individuals to civil service positions is based on a competitive structure and is open to the general public. Section 1, article 3 stipulates that individuals can be recruited to a civil service position upon graduation, however this is only applicable for entry positions.

Appointment and probation

Article 52 (1) states that individuals who are successful in gaining a position as a civil servant are appointed as debutante civil servants by ruling. The probationary period for newly recruited civil servants in Romania is 12 months for category A employees, 8 months for category B employees, and 6 months for category C employees.

Rights of civil servants

There are many rights enjoyed by civil servants in Romania, and these rights are listed in Section 1 articles 26-40 of the act. The primary right of a civil servant is the right to an opinion which is laid down in article 26. Civil servants also have the right to form a union and join any other profession organization concerned with their own interests.

The right to fair remuneration of a base salary, bonuses and other employee compensations is provided for in art 29 of the act. There is a hierarchical remuneration system and salaries received by civil servants is dependent on the seniority of their position, number of years service and skills required to perform the job. In addition to receiving a salary, all civil servants have the right to a bonus, which is equal to their base monthly salary, and paid one month prior to the taking paid leave.  

The standard working hours of civil servants is 8 hours per day, and 40 hours per week (usually based on a 5 day week). Civil servants can work overtime and compensation for all overtime hours worked must be received.

Another right award to civil servants is the right to retirement remuneration in addition to other state social security payments they may qualify for under the law.

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