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WORKPLACE / SEP. 16, 2013
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How to Remain Positive at Work on Mondays

Check out these top 10 tips on how to keep positive on Monday...

  1. Listen to your favorite song: Jump out of bed and turn on the music! You need to create a morning playlist of all the tunes that get you in a happy mood. If you are allowed to use headphones at work, you should great a playlist for during the day too! This will help you to work more efficiently.
  2. Be optimistic and look at the bright side of everything. If you are a grouch, nobody in the office will talk to you and you will start to feel lonely. Talk with your co-workers, share your weekend great moments and do not panic with work tasks, remain calm and positive.
  3. Do not look at your watch every five minutes. Focus on performing a good day at work and get your goals done with enthusiasm.
  4. When lunch time arrives, go for a walk this will help you to refresh your mind and to realize that you can get through Monday. Buy yourself a treat! 
  5. Take a 5 minute break every 3 hours. It will help your mind to remain focused until the end of the working day.
  6. Drink lots of water. It is essential to drink water at work and it helps us to deal with the amount of work we usually have to handle on Mondays
  7. Do some exercises even while sitting in your chair. Move your legs up and down, relax your neck and get away of the computer for five minutes every once in a while. You need to rest your eyes.
  8. Think about your plans after work. On Mondays it helps to have a nice plan after work to look forward to. Maybe go for a drink with your friends, go to the cinema to watch a nice movie, Chinese night while catching up with your favorite series, etc.
  9. Tell some jokes at the workplace, you will make people smile and you will help to create a friendly and nice atmosphere at the office.
  10. Smile, smile and smile. Remember that the positive energy you give out, will help you to receive positive energy back.

Do you have any tips to remain positive at work on Mondays? Let us know!



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