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How to Remain Productive at Work during the Festive Seasons

Holidays and festive seasons such as Christmas create a mood that makes it difficult to be fully productive. But your employer expects results throughout the year. In between attending parties, buying and presenting gifts and preparing for the new year, productivity can slip out of the window. It is easy to delay decisions, slow down, waste time and lose momentum. According to Mirror Online, Christmas holidays are the most perilous season for employees. Recognizing these possibilities and preparing for them can help you have fun and stay productive at the same time.

Planning is Critical

Plan ahead and do as much as you can before the holiday season arrives. Pay keen attention to your diary in order to pace yourself. Break your tasks into smaller bits to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. The sense of achievement in the small tasks can motivate you to keep going. Maintain a list of what may appear unimportant or boring tasks in front of you to avoid leaving them out of your schedule. Tackle these tasks when you feel tired and uninspired.

Utilize Technology

Festive seasons come with a lot of travels and heavy traffic that can waste a lot of your time. Use your laptop to work on transit, and phones and emails to coordinate tasks at work while you are out. Attend meetings through telecommunications medium when you are caught up on the road. Carry work home if you feel more productive in the early hours of the morning.

Set Realistic Goals

Keep your workload manageable during the holidays and expect less of yourself. Consider your activities after work as you plan for the next day. For example, writing a critical report would be a bad idea the day after a late-night party. Take time at the end of the day to reconcile your goals.

Take Time Off

Holidays are a period to rest and relax, and you can afford this even in between work. Create the time to wind down and disconnect from the office during the day. Take a short stroll every so often to stay refreshed. Kory Kogan, a well-recognized author on productivity at work, cites that taking even a ten minute break from work boost productivity. Take a few days leave to recharge your batteries and finish off your holiday activities. Personal errands can encroach on your work life and affect your focus.

Be Honest with your Boss

Be honest with yourself and your boss. Explain your concerns and commitments during the holiday and how they may influence your performance. Negotiate for flexible working hours, but meet your end of the bargain by delivering what the boss expects from you. With the approval of your supervisor, arrange with your colleague to stand in for each other in alternating days.

While holidays are an opportune time to wind down, be careful that you do not mess up your job after the festive season. If you do not plan ahead, you risk a pile up of work and a clumsy season after the holidays. Get organized and create a schedule that allows you to clear any leftover tasks.



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