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INTERVIEWS / APR. 17, 2014
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How to Report an Inappropriate Job Interview

Did your interviewer ask you a number of questions that were inappropriate or even illegal? Whether you fill out a job application with questions regarding your personal finances or had to explain to an interviewer why you are in debt, there are times when an interview just goes too far.

But what can you do in these circumstances? How can you make sure the next poor sap that walks unprepared into that interview isn't going to go through the same treatment you just endured?

What to do in This Case 

Truth be told, there are two choices that you have to make after walking out of an inappropriate job interview:

  1. Ignore it, and never go in for another interview with that company again.
  2. Report it to the company's HR department.

The first option is obviously easier, but you may be allowing someone else to fall into the same trap you just walked out of. It's better to report the interviewer to his company's HR department to ensure that the interviews are conducted professionally and, most importantly, legally.

The best time to get in touch with the HR department is right then and there. You are still in the company offices, so it's time to walk up to the reception area and speak to the receptionist.

Ask very politely to speak with someone from the Human Resources department. If the receptionist asks you "Why would you like to speak with them?", say, "I'd like to talk with the HR department regarding their interview practices."

Now, the receptionist should have no reason not to put you through to the HR department, but try to make certain that the person who conducted the inappropriate job interview isn't around. He may deny your request, and it may be difficult to get past him to speak to the HR manager in person.

If the receptionist gives you a hard time, you may have to kick up a bit of a fuss. You may have to raise your voice, complain loudly about the interview practices, or be a general pain in the butt. It's very likely that she will pick up the phone and call HR just to stop you from causing a commotion.

Of course, once you've been ushered into the HR office, you can apologise for making a fuss and explain politely about the inappropriate interview. Unless the HR person you talk to is the same one that conducted your interview, they will likely be very interested in learning about the inappropriate job interview.

Simply lay out your case, mention the inappropriate interview questions asked, and say, "I wanted to bring this to your attention for your company's sake." After all, the company can be sued for infringing on your right to privacy by asking all of these questions.

It could be quite difficult to get in touch with the Human Resources department via phone or email, so it's best to do it in person. Even if you have to go back to the company days later, it's the best way to be certain that your report is heard and acknowledged.

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