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How to Report an Online Job Scam in the US

Job seekers are often susceptible to online or offline employment scams due to unawareness and vulnerability. It is imperative that individuals take the necessary measures in order to secure themselves, as well as others, against such fraudulent employment schemes. Through taking caution and reporting these job scams, job seekers are able to ensure that they do not experience any harmful or potentially damaging scenarios such as identity theft.

It is important to report a potential scam to the relevant body in an efficient manner as it negates the chances of affecting a greater number of people. Job seekers should report suspicious looking job posts on whatever platform they appear to the website administrators as this reduces the risk of other individuals applying for it.

The following is a brief outline of how you can report an online job scam within the US:

Reporting to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

The Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Centre (NW3C). This is a centre for the purpose of filing complaints about crime being conducted through the medium of the internet. Job seekers who wish to file a complaint with regards to an online job scam can easily file a complaint with the IC3 by visiting their website at The following information will be required in order for your complaint to be processed:

·         Name, mailing address and telephone number of the individual filing the complaint

·         Name, address, telephone number, web address (if applicable) of the individual/organization that is considered to be fraudulent

·         Details on how, why and when the fraud was committed

·         Other relevant information with regards to the complaint

Reporting to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) allows job seekers to enter the company name and /or website into the search box in order to obtain a list of complaints filed against the company – if applicable at all. Individuals are also able to file an online complaint against the defrauded company. 

If you realise there is a scam going on make sure you report it. The sooner it is reported teh less people can be affected.

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