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Report Reveals iOS Supports Half of European Jobs

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The app market is big business, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Apple’s iOS supports 497, 000 jobs in Europe according to Vision Mobile’s recently published report. That’s half of all app jobs in Europe which is a staggering amount. In light of this, Apple reportedly pays a grand total of $6.5 billion in salaries to European developers. This means there has never been such a good time to be working in the app development sector. Any app developer will tell you that the app market isn’t exactly lacking in terms of top talent, there are numerous developers churning out exciting and engaging apps every single day - there’s always a need for the next “big thing” when it comes to app development.

Vision Mobile’s report states that the app economy is currently booming with one million full-time and outsourced jobs this year. If that doesn’t sound impressive enough (which it should) the app economy has also enabled jobs in various unrelated sectors like education, entertainment, and health care. The reason for job creation in these sectors highlights the demand for app based platforms that businesses can harness for their own productivity, so being employed as an app developer is a sustainable job and also a relatively lucrative one as well.

Despite app development in Europe trailing behind countries like China and India with app production only accounting for just 19% of world-wide app creation, Apple’s stake in the market employment wise should steadily increase within the next few years reinforcing its already firm grip on app development and app related jobs. Apple has become synonymous with app development any app developer with enough talent and drive certainly wouldn’t hesitate to do battle with their counterparts in order to showcase their app(s) on Apple’s App Store. Businesses are also keen to align themselves with the App Store as well, the co-founder of Top10.com Harry Jones made the following statement:

“Since launching on the App Store, we have seen a doubling of hotel searches, and it is now enabling us to launch in new markets across the world much more quickly than was possible on the web alone.”

From an app developers perspective Apple’s App Store gives them a stage to showcase their creations as well as the resources they need to develop their craft which is something that any employee working in any sector would greatly appreciate. Where opportunity in the app development market is far reaching app developers themselves work in creative-based roles making the job role unique, demanding but very rewarding if you possess the right skill set. With companies like Apple supporting app developers and the market they work in the company is doing rather well in terms of facilitating jobs in this field with 43% of qualified app developers opting for Apple’s iOS system only demonstrates that Apple is the go to company if you’d like to be employed as an app developer.

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