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Reports Prove That Surgeons are the Highest Paid Individuals in the US

While all of us look forward to six figured salaries when we grow up, not all of us realize it. This is mainly because we prefer things that come easy for us. However, if you want to smile all the way to the bank, you better listen to your mother’s advice. I wish I had listened to her when she told me to pursue a course in medicine.

According to a study done by, surgery tops the list in the highly paid occupations in America. That’s right! Being a surgeon is not only prestigious but guarantees you financial security. In addition to the above reality, the study goes ahead to show that seven of the top ten careers are in the health industry. This goes without say that surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, orthopedics and other related employees in the health sector walk around with big dollar checks.

How much surgeons earn?

Surgeons specifically earn an average median salary of $233,150 followed by the general physicians ($187,200). Some surgeons actually go beyond the average by bringing home $500,000. If I had the roughest idea that by 2014, surgeons would be earning this much, I would have dropped everything and ran as fast as I could to the school of medicine. I know you would too!

The flipside to the occupation is the amount of time and resources required to practice medicine. Data retrieved from the Bureau of Labour statistics indicate that a career in surgery involves more than a decade of preparation- both in med school and in the residency program. The undergraduate studies are extensive with high levels of stress for the students. They say there is no gain without pain and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to surgery. Some of the stress is carried over due to the sensitive nature of the job. Those who practice surgery must have a tough skin as there are a lot of risks involved with it.

Top Paying Jobs in the U.S.

“Jobs Rated” shows that some of the best paying jobs with their respective average annual wages include the following;

1. Surgeon($233,150)

2. General Physician($187,200)

3. Psychiatrist($178,950)

4. Orthodontist($149,310)

5. Dentist($146,340)

6. Petroleum Engineer($130,280)

7. Air traffic controller($122,530)

8. Pharmacist($116,670)

9. Podiatrist($116,440)

10. Attorney($113,530)

The report also projects that all the above occupations except air traffic control will experience a growth of double digit by the year 2022. This is because the number of employees that retire is higher compared to that enrolling for undergraduate studies in the subjects. Air traffic controllers are looking at one percent growth by 2022.

Therefore it is safe to say that fresh graduates from the school of medicine as well as those who intend to join medicine school need not to worry about being rich. All you need to do is to acquire the license to practice medicine and you are good to go.

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