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Resources to Make Full-Time Money Working Part-Time

Imagine having an extra 20 hours to spend with your wife and kids, while you’re still earning enough. Whether you are stay-at-home mom or fulltime office employee, freelance jobs remain available throughout the year for the competitive candidates.

I know that well-paying positions are scarce, and many job offers turn out to be scam. Fortunately, tons of websites have sprung up to hire professionals. By joining these platforms, you can make full-time money working part-time.

1. Apply at Mom Corps

Atlanta-based Mom Corps offers multiple jobs to both male and female candidates. With its free registration option, you can sign up for an instant account to search Mom Corps’ board of flexible jobs. I would rather prefer to avail a premium account for prominent display of credentials and resume.

Average Monthly Earning: $1200



2. Become Event Manager

It’s very easy to become event manager, and start earning instant cash. As an event manager, you’ll be responsible to plan festivals, ceremonies, competitions, parties and concerts. Selection of venue, arranging decors perfectly, and coordinating transportation are also a part of your job. Only innovative and creative minds should join this profession that pays $50 to $100 per successful event with flexible working hours. How many events you manage will determine your monthly earnings.

Average Monthly Earning: $600-$1200

3. Join Real Estate Companies

Real estate can be a very rewarding career choice for anyone. Make sure you’ve quite varied background and skills before applying at the real estate companies. You don’t need to be a "salesman", because this job requires you to assist the clients about property dealing. The brands looking to employ real estate agents give preference to business and marketing graduates. The job is flexible in terms that you’ve the option to choose your own working hours. Attractive monthly salary plus commission are offered to agents working effectively.

Average Monthly Earning: $1000


4. Freelance Graphic Designers

A graphic designer is responsible for creating efficient designs and graphics for the clients. The job involves acquiring creative skills to come up with best products for websites, books, posters, computer games, exhibitions, and corporate communication. If you hold a graduate degree in computer graphics, then multinational graphic designing companies and independent clients are waiting for your resume. Check on the marketplaces like Odesk, Elance, and Freelancer to land a dream job. Payments are done on per product or per hour basis, which you can discuss with the employer at the time of interview.

Average Monthly Earning: $500-$2000



5. NeedleStack Jobs

NeedleStack Jobs is a multinational job board that offers flexible jobs to freelances worldwide. Upload your updated resume or search for workplaces in engineering, information technology, accounting, law, sales, and marketing. Each job’s pay depends upon several factors, such as your relevant education, experience, and weekly working hours. Discuss such matters with your employee before starting work.

Average Monthly Earning: $1400



You need to be proactive to present yourself as a competitive employee to the agency director and prospective clients. The above jobs can turn your dreams into realities; but for this your full dedication and utmost hard work is needed. Keep in mind the nature of your job and input maximum efforts.

Picture Sources: Main picture, Mom CorpsEvent ManagerReal Estate CompaniesGraphic DesignerNeedleStack Jobs

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