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CVS / AUG. 19, 2013
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Resumes That Should Be Rejected

Are you in the process of reviewing resumes? If so you need to have some tactics up your sleeve that will help you to automatically reject the bad ones. Otherwise, you will be forever reviewing resumes and it will take you a long time to find that top candidate!

You know it’s time to reject a resume when...

It’s too long

A resume that is more than 2 pages in length is a definite no-no, unless you are hiring for a position that requires a great deal of experience or you are looking for someone who has been in a specific industry for many years.

Otherwise, resumes that are too long suggest the candidate is unable to filter through information or write concisely. Alternatively, they may have had a few too many jobs within a short space of time...


If the font varies from one sentence to the next, reject! Is it difficult on the eyes? Does the size vary? Are there capitals and lower case where there shouldn’t be? Has the candidate used colour unnecessarily?

Spelling and grammar

Incorrect spelling and grammar is easy to identify and demonstrates that a candidate hasn’t taken the time to proofread their application. This suggests someone who is lazy and haphazard when making applications, which will only be reflected in how they conduct their work.

Haphazard structure

Is the information listed in a strange format? For example is the resume is an incorrect chronological order? If so, disregard!

To conclude

The above points are easy to quickly identify, meaning that you can work your way through your pile of resumes within a short space of time.



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