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Road Warrior: Tips for Staying Fit on a Business Trip

Travelling for business can really screw up your fitness routine. Eating out, long meetings, time-zone changes, and lack of exercise equipment can really put a damper on your healthy lifestyle. But probably the biggest challenge you face is submitting to the "business vacation" mentality. Even though you're out of town, you need to muster the determination to stick with your workout regimen; ultimately, it will help you keep up the rigorous Road Warrior pace.   

The Facts

Statistics show that continuing exercise while traveling can help boost stamina and aid you in recovering from jet lag. In fact, one recent study found that exercise can improve alertness and reaction time, effectively enhancing your job performance when out on the road by almost 61%. In addition to keeping you on top of your game, exercise during travel can boost your immune system to help fight off airplane and hotel room nasties. Stressed about a mid-morning meeting? Take a walk; exercise is effective in relieving stress and can help clear your head before your big presentation.

Careful Planning a Good Road Warrior Makes

Many times when hitting the road for work, we have absolutely no idea about the area demographics. Before your trip, take some time to perform an internet search on the area. Check for hotels with fitness equipment or in house gyms, scan the area for local parks or nature areas to walk or jog, and search local healthy fare for fitness fuel. Planning ahead for work outs and healthy eating can save you a ton of time and effort when you reach your final destination. 

Use Your Cunning Wit for Creative Workout Strategies

Sometimes you have to get a little creative with your routine when out in the unfamiliar wilds. Instead of hitching a ride to your business lunch, walk the route. Walking is great for burning up the Béarnaise you ate the night before, But what about strength or circuit training? If your hotel has no gym or fitness equipment, you must depend on your ingenuity to get the job done.

Quick Hotel Room Workout (Do these moves in continuously with minimal rest in between for 20 min)

  • Warm Up: Mix it up with running in place, pushups, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks
  • Incline Push Ups: Use a chair or the bed to feel the bicep burn
  • Squats/Jumping Squats: These work the biggies; legs, bum, and core
  • Crunches: You Know the drill
  • Luggage Rows: Fill your suitcase up with goodies to add weight and use a chair for support

Schedule Your Workouts

Business trips often revolve around a tight schedule; if it's not on your PDA, it ain't happening. Well, to make sure you squeeze in some workout time, schedule it. The best way to tackle workout scheduling is to try and stick to your regular at-home workout times. If this means moving an early meeting to afternoon, so be it. The whole idea of working out on the road is to keep your body working at its normal pace; this will improve your focus and productivity when out on the road.

No matter where you are headed, these tips can help you stick to your fitness commitment. Make sure to stay as close as possible to your normal training. Keeping your routine well-rounded is key; try to maintain your diet, keep workouts regular and regimented, and stay hydrated throughout the day. 

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