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WEB & TECH / JUN. 23, 2014
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Robots Take Over Workforce Jobs - Food Industry is Hit the Hardest

The saying “time changes things” is quite true, especially when it comes to how society operates. The workforce is no exception to the rule. 

Jobs are evolving and will soon become dependent on more advanced alternatives.

We have already witnessed a similar instance with Walmart’s self-checkout registers. Although there is always an attendant present to assist you with any checkout glitches, the computer-generated register speaks to you and guides you through a quick self-service process.

Watson-a cognitive technology created by International Business Machines (IBM)-is said to process information in the exact same way a human does. The only difference is IBM’s Watson gathers information and solutions at a much faster rate. However, it too produces hypotheses based on evidence and learns as it goes. 

According to NBC News, people might as well accept the fact that robotic mechanisms will replace their hardworking efforts. Tasks that once belong to the average sales clerk or pharmacist will soon be given to these highly intelligent devices because they “make fewer mistakes and they don’t get bored.”

Robots are currently working jobs that involve handling prescription drugs, filing documents, taking care of others, and protecting the common good of humanity.

Here are few examples where robots are taking center stage:

  • NASA in particular is using Robonaut2 to help with cleaning duties and other astronomical assignments. 
  • The military’s Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) is directed by a GPS system and assists in detecting fire-zones as well as helping injured soldiers.
  • Japanese retailer Aeon Co. introduced the PaPeRo robot in 2008, which babysits children while their parents shop and efficiently tracks down kids via a radio-frequency identification chip.
  • News and sport journalists are also using Narrative Science-a machine that quickly generates stories from data sent through an email.

With all the improvements the world is witnessing right before its eyes, one group of people in particular that may start to feel the adverse affects of the android invasion works in the food industry.

Food service workers across the U.S. are protesting to increase the wage to $15, so restaurant chains are now delving into technology that could very well replace these unhappy employees-meaning “fewer entry-level jobs and more automated alternatives.”

As already mentioned before, self-service is a big part of this drastic shift that will ensure labor savings. Kiosks in the U.S. have become more popular to use at store-gas station chains like Wawa. Additionally, certain restaurants around the country hope to soon replace their waiters with built-in table tablets specially designed for self-ordering.

IBM’s Watson will definitely be playing a big role in this transition-providing even better customer interaction than a touchscreen Kiosk.

If this new mandate somehow takes effect, you could very well say good-bye to your favorite server or to your food service job.

Some food industry experts, however, are slightly adamant about the decline in real human interaction. After all, it is the foundation of hospitality within the food service business. 

The robotic shift will eventually happen in the next 10 years, but experts reassure that it will affect as little as five to 10 percent of food industry workers.  

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