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Saga Prefectural Government Hong Kong office up and running

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As part of an initiative to promote links with Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Japan’s Saga Prefectural Government (Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center) announced yesterday (January 10) that its Hong Kong representative office is open for business.

The primary objective of the Saga office is to promote sales and exports of the prefecture’s special products. It will also act to increase trade links between the small-to-medium-sized (SME) businesses of Saga Prefecture and those in Hong Kong and the region, and promote outbound travel to Saga Prefecture by Hong Kong and Guangdong Province residents.

Speaking at the office’s opening ceremony, Saga Prefectural Governor Mr Yasushi Furukawa, said Hong Kong was chosen as the location of Saga’s representative office because of its “high income level, free port status, excellent networks and close proximity to the Mainland China market.”

He added that the office will play a strategic role in helping Saga’s growing industries expand their overseas markets, in particular to promote Saga beef among consumers in Hong Kong and the PRD. Saga beef is acclaimed for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. The prefecture exported 22 tonnes of Saga beef to Hong Kong last year.

The Hong Kong office’s Chief Director Mr Hiroyuki Tateishi said that the office will also seize opportunities to take part in sales promotion events held by government and the private sector and work to raise awareness of Saga in the local media.

According to the most up-to-date figures, Hong Kong was the 10th largest export market for Saga in 2009, following Malaysia, the Philippines and Denmark. Seven catering and porcelain companies from Saga have already established a business presence in Hong Kong.

Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Simon Galpin, said Saga’s new office reinforced Hong Kong’s role as the key business hub in Asia.

“The rule of law and free flow of information, combined with our unmatched location and excellent financial, telecommunications and transportation infrastructure, mean that Hong Kong remains the premier location for both public and private sector organisations to establish and expand their operations in Asia,” he said.



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