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Samsung Go International With Their Recruitment Drive


Samsung is at the forefront of a massive recruitment drive, hiring 5,500 university graduates from a pool of more than 100,000 applicants - a competition ratio of 20:1 for every job. The technology giant has already hired 3,500 in the first half of the year and estimates to hire a total of 9,000 new workers by the end of 2013.

The recruitment process is open to international applicants and involves a special test known as the Samsung Aptitude Test. This test is taken by applicants in Seoul and other major US cities including Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, and only those who pass the initial test progress to the next stages. Yes, the recruitment process is long and intense, but the benefits of working for Samsung ring loudly in graduates ears.

South Korean graduates rely on private institutes for recruitment tests

Acknowledging the great competition involved in landing a job at top employers such as Samsung, South Korean graduates turn to cram schools, online lectures, and workbooks to make the most out of their potential to perform well in the aptitude test and interview process. Cram schools and online jobseeker supporting services prepare candidates for the recruitment tests and equip them with a wealth of relevant skills required by big conglomerates. Lectures in these schools aim to enhance jobseekers’ hard skills but also soft skills like image, posture, and vocalization.

UK Reuters reports that fees can reach a couple thousands of dollars for these cram schools. Classes are also super intensive. Shin Seong-hwan, a 25-year-old cram school attendee testifies that “I came here at 10 this morning and I will be preparing for the interview until 8 p.m.”

The competition for landing a job at big conglomerates is remarkably high. The Federation of Korean Industries underlines that “It is an impossible dream for most to achieve a job as the top 30 conglomerates employ just 6.8 percent of the total workforce”.

Fancy your changes with Samsung? Find out what they look for in candidates …

Samsung has always been committed to recruiting dynamic candidates with impeccable leadership skills to push the company to thrive in different marketplaces. In October 2012, Samsung Electronics introduced a graduate recruitment drive that aimed at expanding its North American business according to the Korea Times. The firm was seeking to hire post-grads from a Master’s or doctoral background and precisely from prestigious American universities.

On Samsung’s want-list, science and engineering graduates with a doctorate degree are amongst the most demanded candidates.

The recruiter also considers candidates with MBAs with at least two years work experience and have a degree in marketing, management development, product strategy and business strategy.

A European recruitment specialist for Samsung Electronics, Lorenza Salerno, stated: “Just because we’re a technology company doesn’t mean we only hire scientists. We definitely need people with MBAs. When Samsung looks for MBAs, it’s usually for candidates who have experience at leading global companies like Unilever, IBM or Procter & Gamble. Samsung is looking for people who not only have a solid academic background but also good business experience which they can share with the company.”

The benefits of working at Samsung

Samsung boasts excellent compensation and benefits packages for its workforce. The company even has a favorable rating for their compensation packages from the Glassdoor career community. Among the most prominent perks and benefits the Korean firm offers to its employees are:

  • Medical expense support for its employees and their spouses in the event of accidents and diseases.
  • Free passes to Caribbean Bay 365 days a year to support energetic work life through rest and relaxation.
  • Free condos at holiday resorts which employees can use during their vacation
  • Subsidized tuition expenses for employee’s children from kindergarten to university
  • Access to a fitness center in each business site
  • Organised club activities in order to build friendships among staff and let employees engage in self-development

It seems that the process to land a lucrative Samsung job involves a lot of pain and persistence. The company places a lot of emphasis on top achievers and those with a good business experience which they can share with the company. In turn, Samsung offers an abundance of outstanding perks and attractive remuneration.


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