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JOB SEARCH / SEP. 30, 2013
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Samsung is Recruiting Talent to Improve Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch is an interesting gadget. Its design could be better, but its functionality and ability to run third party apps puts it ahead of any competitor. Still, Galaxy Gear lacks that 'something' that could make it into a highly desired accessory. With an astronomical price of $299, Samsung know that they need to up their game if they want customers to spend that much money on it.

The smart watch features a touchscreen that tells time, provides access to notifications and messages, and works with more than 70 apps. However, according to Samsung's officials something is missing. Speaking to Korea Times in an interview published on Wednesday, Samsung’s Lee Don-joo explained that the company has "acknowledged that Galaxy Gear lacks something special." The executive explained that Samsung plans to increase "investment for user interface and user experience."

The company didn't give details of what they want to improve in the Galaxy Gear, however, what is official is that Samsung will hire more people that have expertise in user interface design.

They need designers that will work on other functional apps as well as find the coolest way of providing better user experience.  

They are searching for experienced designers and programmers that will help them to get Galaxy Gear to the top of Smart Watches.


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