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Scared to Quit Your Job? Here’s What to Do

scared to quit

Have things gotten so bad at work that quitting is the only way forward?  You’re not alone. A startlingly large number of Americans are unhappy with their jobs - 42.6% of workers say they are not satisfied. Similarly, approximately 40% of Brits are not completely satisfied with their jobs.

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This obviously means that a large proportion of us dislike our jobs. However, most people stick to their jobs. Is it because the idea of quitting our jobs gives us an all-consuming sense of dread? Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be too scared of quitting our jobs. This is our life and we are the only ones at the helm.

If certain fears and anxieties are getting in the way of you leaving a crappy job that you utterly despise, this article will outline some of the steps you can take to make the process easy peasy.

List all of the reasons why you want to quit your job to give you peace of mind

The first thing you need to do is grab a pen and paper, sit down in a quiet place and list all of your potential reasons for quitting.

You might include things like:

  • There are too few opportunities for progression.
  • I’d like a higher salary.
  • I find my co-workers extremely difficult.

In essence, this will remind you why it is so important that you move on from this job. You will be confident that this is the only option for you, and therefore more likely to bite the bullet and actually do it.

List all the reasons that make you scared of quitting your job and work out a plan to quash those fears

It’s easy to understand why you might be frightened of quitting. Fear of change, fear of the unknown and fear of instability would make most people dreadfully anxious. The only way to feel less anxious about quitting your job is to work out why you’re afraid, what you can do to diminish that fear and then put your plan into action.

Here are some common fears about quitting your job and how to deal with them:

You’ll wind up broke with nothing to do

  • Secure a new job before you quit.
  • Save up some money to last until you get a new job.
  • Have a plan for how you’re going to use your time productively between jobs.
  • Have a plan for the future, how you’d like your career to progress over the next few years.

Your family will be disappointed

  • Explain in detail why you have to quit beforehand (use your list).
  • Write them a letter if it’s too difficult to do it face-to-face.

Your boss will react badly

  • Do it the right way with a formal resignation letter and adhering to the notice period.
  • Offer a solid, but maybe sugar coated, explanation to keep them happy.
  • Try to leave on good terms no matter how apathetic you feel.

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The trick is to be confident about your decision in order to appease your boss and your loved ones, and for you to feel at ease with what you’re doing. Know exactly why you’re quitting your job and what your plans for the future are, in order to reduce some of those niggling anxieties.

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