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STUDENT LIFE / MAY. 28, 2014
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Scholarships for Studying in Holland

If you are thinking of going to study abroad, and are considering all options, it is time to consider studying in Holland. Apart from being a very beautiful country to study in, with all the canals, small Dutch houses, and fairy-tale looking cities, Holland is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to education. More importantly, Holland offers truly a vast number of scholarships for students from all around the globe. Read on to find out why taking a degree in Holland would be a good idea, as well as which scholarships you could get, depending on which country you are coming from.

Why study in Holland?

Holland, also known as The Netherlands, is populated by tall and internationally-minded Dutch people who drink lots of coffee and speak perfect English.  Presumably, the main reason why they speak English so well is that they have been travelling all around the globe ever since the 16th century. They have 14 research universities and 40 universities of applied sciences, most of which are ranked as top universities on the world. Dutch are open-minded and tolerant towards foreigners. Dutch scholars are world’s leaders when it comes to many disciplines including medicine, biotechnology, architecture, and renewable energy. The universities offer a great and informal environment for learning, where the main focus is on sharing opinions and debating. They also offer high-quality education and excellent research opportunities, all in the midst of a developed international environment.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are from the USA:

As a US citizen who wants to get an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, or law, you can get either the NAF Scholarship, which will offer you a tuition waver of €29,000, or the NAF/Fulbright Scholarship, which will offer you the same amount of a tuition waver plus a stipend in the value of €8,000. If you want to do a master or a PhD degree, regardless of the field of study, you can apply for the Maarten van Hengel Loan Program which will give you $20,000 annually, or the Pigott Family Education Fund Study Loan which will give you $10.000 annually.

If you are from the European Union:

There are two options for students who are strictly from the EU. You can get Amsterdam Science Talen Scholarship if you plan to do your undergraduate studies within the field of natural sciences. The value of the scholarship is €10,000 per year, for a maximum of two years. The second option is which can be given to bachelor, master, or PhD students, regardless of the field of study. The value of the scholarship is €4,000 and it lasts for one semester. However, these are not the only options if you are from the EU. Look at the bottom of the article to see scholarships which are given to students from all countries.

If you are from outside of the European Union:

This category contains all countries that are not part of the EU. If you would like to study in Amsterdam, there are three options. As a prospective bachelor student, you can get the Amsterdam Talent Scholarship that offers €3,000 for 4 years. For both master and bachelor students, there are 120 Amsterdam Merit Scholarships in the value of €6,000 to €21,000, and for all degrees you can get the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship which covers tuition fees and living expenses with the value of €25,000. In addition, if you want to get a bachelor or master degree in business, communication, engineering, arts, or medical and health sciences, you can apply for Hanze Scholarship which could give you €3,500 - €5,000 per year; or if you want to do a bachelor in arts or humanities or a bachelor in any field of study you can get the Maastricht University UCM Scholarship or the Saxion Top Talent Scholarship, both of which will pay your tuition fees for three years.

If you are from Thailand:

In the case you are willing to bring back the knowledge to Thailand, you can get the Anandamahidol. Regardless of your level and field of study, all your expenses will be covered. The same applies if you want to do a bachelor and you get the One District Scholarship which will cover even your airplane tickets, health insurance, and books. Alternatively, you can apply for the DUO-Thailand Fellowship Program which will give you €1,200 per semester, or the RRI-Grants-MAG which gives 200 scholarship in the value of €8,000 for students who wish to study agriculture, engineering, or medical and health sciences. Some other options would be Thai Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship or the Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program.

If you are from Turkey or France:

As a prospective bachelor student from France, the best option would be the Maastricht University SBE France Scholarship which would give you €5,500 per year. If you are from Turkey and you want to do a master, then you could apply for the Maastricht University SBE Turkey Scholarship and get €15,500 per year.

If you are from South Africa:

The best solution would be the Mandela Scholarship Fund which covers €1,000 of travel costs and €800 per month for living expenses, for the period of 5 months. Some other options would be SKILL or Study Fund for South African Students.

If you are from Mexico:

You are lucky, since there are so many scholarships for Mexican students. In short, you can get funds to study at the Einhoven University of Technology, Leiden University, Radbound University Nijmegen, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Business School, Delft University of Technology, and many others. Check more on the Nuffic’s website.

If you are from Brazil:

You should opt for the Science Without Borders Holland which will offer you €870 per month, plus cover your plane tickets and insurance costs.

If you are from China:

You can study at Leiden University, get the Orange Tulip Scholarship and have your fees reduced for €10,000. Other options are the Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme China which gives an overall value of €400,000, and the Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship which could provide you with €16,000 per academic year.

If you are from South Korea:

The same applies as above. You can get the Orange Tulip Scholarship at Leiden University and the Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme South Korea.

If you are from Japan:

As a Japanese student wishing to do a master or a PhD, you can apply for the Canon Foundation Research Fellowship in the value of €22.500 to €27.500 for one year.

If you are from around the globe:

The above listed scholarships are for specific countries. This is not to say that these are the only options for you, as you can find many other scholarships in Holland which aim to attract students from all countries. To name just the few, business and communication students can apply for the CentEr Scholarships Tilburg University and the HU Excellent Scholarships; arts, humanities, and social science students have the options of the CEU Praesidium Libertatis Scolarship and the FASoS; social and behavioral science students can opt for the ISS Hardship Fund and ISS Scholarship Fund for Excellent Students; and everybody can apply for the Saxion Talent Scholarship and the Tilburg University Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

A word of advice:

Always check the qualifications needed for the scholarships. Some of them are given only to excellent students, while others are offered to everybody, regardless of their academic success.

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