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Scientific Ways to Start Loving Your Job

I often wonder if Google employees, sincerely love their jobs, I mean we make Google sound like heaven on earth because they have benefits to kill for. They have a great workplace designed to inspire them and an amazing company culture, but do they truly love their jobs? Say I was a Google employee, would I like going to work every Monday?

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Most of us would be satisfied with simply not hating our jobs. We live through the week for the weekends and come Monday we get depressed because we have to return to work. You’d expect we’d all be head over heels with our work considering that it’s what pays us, but most of us aren’t. We just find our work to be a bearable way to make meets end.

According to studies, however, we should make an effort to love our jobs since people who love their jobs have been known to be more healthy. So can we find ways to love our jobs? Surely, we don’t all have to work for Google to find pleasure in our work, so what should we do to start loving our jobs?

1. Treat Yourself

eat chocolate

Even if you enjoy the kind of work you do, there are always going to be tasks you find mundane. There are always those tasks that you just can’t be bothered to do so you find ways to distract yourself and waste your time. However, this is bad for you as it puts you in a miserable mood that affects all aspects of your work and your mindset in general.

So what you can do is try to give incentives to yourself to deal with these tasks sooner rather than later. Getting them done will get them out of your way and it will make you feel less miserable throughout the day. I’m sure you know by now that the more you avoid these tasks, the longer you prolong your misery. What you should be doing is coming up with rewards for yourself. For example, if you have to write a very boring report promise yourself that you can have a chocolate bar as soon as you’re done. This way you’ll focus on finishing the task, and you’ll also be getting a reward for actually doing it.

2. Prioritize

We always stress the importance of organisation at work because it not only makes you more efficient but it also because it improves your performance.

Start your day by writing down the tasks you have to do for the day by prioritizing. If you have any deadlines, do those tasks first, if you have more difficult or less pleasurable tasks to do, do them before you do anything else. This will help you get the tasks that stress you out or you hate doing out of the way quickly and you’ll have the rest of the day for more pleasurable work, this will help your satisfaction levels increase and it will also keep misery at bay. Leaving work after having done work you love is great because it makes you more eager to come back the following day.

3. Make Friends

group of friends having coffee

If you work for a company where you hate just about everyone, then I’m certain you hate your job. Believe it or not, we are not designed to hate our colleagues, in fact if you hate your colleagues and are completely isolated from everyone at work, chances are you are depressed and you are thinking about quitting your job.

Making friends at work, however, could change all of that. 70 percent of employees say that friends at work are crucial to being happy at work. So making friends at work can indeed improve your attitude at work and it can also make you feel more connected to the company for which you work.

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It’s important to love our jobs because they take up so much of our time and though I’m sure that we’d all be happy to work for Google, I think we can all be relatively happy no matter where we work.

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