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JOB SEARCH / AUG. 01, 2014
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How to Search for Higher Education Jobs as a Couple

If a couple both work in the higher education field and are seeking to transfer to another city or state, there is a simple online tool to assist in their job search. Elaine Varelas is a contributor to the and in a recent article she shared a question she received from a reader. This individual wanted to know the best way that she and her husband (both educators) could transition two jobs at one time when they moved back to Boston. This article will address Ms. Varelas’ answer as well as how you can search for higher education jobs as a couple.

Example on Searching for Higher Education Jobs as a Couple in Boston

Going back to the question mentioned in the introduction, the reader also shared with Ms. Varelas that her and her husband’s earning are similar and they are “very employable.” She wondered if they needed to move without having a new job secured, or should they at least have one job secured first. According to Ms. Varelas, the greater Boston area is home to more than 100 colleges and universities. She advised that the city should have a wide array of employment options for both the reader and her husband. In further answering the question, she relayed that this type of problem has been recently addressed by the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium.

More Information about the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

In her article, Ms. Varelas shared that she consulted with Elizabeth Ancarana who is the assistant provost for faculty development and diversity at Harvard University. Ms. Ancarana is also the former chairwoman of HERC. Founded in 2000, the association has 17 regional organisations as well as a listing of over 21,000 jobs. There are approximately 45,000 registered job seekers and 600 member educational institutions across the US listed in the database.

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is the largest database listing jobs in the higher education and related fields. The types of institutions that post job listings in this database are: universities, colleges and hospitals. Their main resource is that they have “dual-career” search technology which can assist couples seeking jobs at the same time in the higher education field. Ms. Varelas also received information from Ruth Molina who is the Director of the New England HERC Chapter. According to Ms. Molina, it is the mission of the consortium to improve member institutions’ efforts in the recruitment and retention of a talented and diverse workforce. They also have a mission to assist dual-career couples. Ms. Molina furthered explained that HERC utilises “unsurpassed search technology, enabling dual-career couples to find the right jobs within a commutable distance of one another.”  

How to Search the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Database

The search process for seeking job postings in the HERC database is user-friendly. Basically, both job seekers in the dual-career couple enter the relevant information and then the search technology reports available positions pertaining to those specific search parameters for both job seekers. All job seekers in the higher education field are welcome to utilise the search database. To begin your dual-career job search, visit the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium website. The process begins by first creating two profiles and uploading resumes. You can save job searches as well as receive ejob alerts related to your specific search parameters. They have higher education jobs for academic faculty, administrative staff and also executives. For more information on how HERC can assist dual-career couples, visit this information link on their website.

The job search process for dual-career couples in the higher education field no longer needs to be difficult and tedious. As couples create a profile in the HERC system and complete a couple-specific job search, they will find the results that they’ve been looking for. Utilising this online resource can make the dual-career couple’s job search so much easier.


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