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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 22, 2014
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How to Secure the Top Jobs of the Best Companies in the World

Corner offices of the best companies in the world are undoubtedly the most desired among candidates, but apparently are not for everyone. It takes years of hard work and skill building, learning, research, planning and observing to manage to secure a top level position in a globally reputable firm.

Getting a C-level job requires you to build a strong personal brand and prove your worth as well as make an impact in a consistent, compelling and exceptional way. Apart from this, investors look for C-level leaders who have a deep and intuitive insight of the company and the industry and are able to demonstrate abilities in strategic vision and planning and fuel business growth.

So what are the other key competencies needed to network your way into the C-suite?

Be highly adaptable

To begin with, in today’s volatile and uncertain business environments, developing an adaptability mindset delivers a strong payback. Being adaptable means you are ready to embrace change instead of staying in the comfort zone of a singular leadership style. Show that you are flexible when it comes to learning work tasks, technologies and procedures, and adjust your leadership style based on the needs of different people and your business environment which are constantly changing.

Manage crisis effectively

The best leaders are those who are highly proactive and don’t wait until crisis hits to execute a crisis management plan. Your resume should therefore demonstrate how you managed to turn a terribly difficult situation into an opportunity for a company or conglomerate. As an effective crisis manager you need to motivate your team members, uplift their morale, and encourage them to achieve better results, despite the adversities hitting your company.

Be a good team player

There’s no “I” in team. As a C-suite occupant, you will have to keep your ego in check and prove that you connect effectively with both other execs and subordinates. Your CV should clearly demonstrate your ability to make a meaningful contribution through a specific role within your team. How did you manage to challenge your team to improve? How did you help your team meet its objectives? Remember to show examples that highlight your ability to boost up performance and improve results by collaborating with other team members across different functions.

Stay up-to-date with developments and trends

You and your company cannot afford to age. Stay on top of technological advancements, industry trends and know what is hot and what is not. In order to stay on the ball with industry challenges, trends and opportunities subscribe to trade journals, keep up with trade journals that are relevant to your line of work, scout websites and blogs to look for possible changes in your industry, scan and engage in forums and discussion boards, listen to or watch podcasts to see what industry leaders say and think and observe what your competitors are doing to see if they are responding to what you deem an emerging trend.

Endure pressure

As you climb the career ladder, the pressure is bound to rise. Don’t let high pressure situations, killer deadlines and other crucial tasks get to you. Be graceful and refrain from losing your temper or taking it out on others when under pressure. Your calm attitude will help maintain stability in the company and make you a good example of a leader with an exceptionally good temper and ethos.

Be a strong communicator

Being a terrific communicator is bound to earn you golden points. As a prospective C-level leader you should be able to communicate well with all stakeholders – not just the managers reporting to them-timely and with honesty in different situations, such as meetings, speeches, emails, blogs, tweets and phone calls. They show empathy for the recipient and they tailor their message accordingly, always considering the perspective of the receiver.

Try to hone your skills to become an effective communicator. You will soon be looked up to and highly trusted and followed as a leader.  

Working your way to the top positions in the world’s best companies requires hard work, persistence, and systematic nurturing of all the desirable qualities of a leader. These are just a few competencies you should definitely demonstrate in your personal branding proposition, if you want to successfully jump to the C-level suite. 


Image source: Houston Business Journal

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