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JOB SEARCH / JAN. 18, 2015
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Selling Your Age Advantage to Get a Job

It is extremely unfair for your age to disqualify you from getting a job. This is common though and many middle aged people have a hard time finding a job. Older workers have experience, good work ethics and knowledge. Most of them may work for lower salaries than their younger counterparts. This does not make their job search easy though. Middle aged people value their work and it is not about earning a living alone. As an older job seeker, you should use these attributes to work to your advantage.

Use Your Savvy

Older workers often feel guilty about their age. Turn your age around to work to your advantage by looking at it as a value you possess. You are still productive and you ought to keep working. Reframe the notions of employers so that they see your age as experience and being a seasoned employee. Translate older to wiser with a record of accomplishments and clearly show this on your resume. In addition, use your track record to sell yourself and let your past successes work for you.

Focus on one Career

Being around for a while may mean you wear many hats, working at different kinds of jobs. While addressing the hiring personnel, however, you need to focus on the job you are applying for. Have the experience and achievements relevant to the job on your resume and nothing more. Your enriched background is something you should share very intentionally. Let your resume focus on your positive and powerful areas and not give the hiring personnel room to disqualify you.

Show your Result-oriented Track Record

Results will trump any negativity the hiring personnel may have about your age. The language the employer understands and embraces is one of results realized. Talking about very many years of experience without showing your results will not add value. Highlight the value you shall add to the company based on your result-oriented track record. Clearly show how your outlook on realizing results made an impact in your past and current employers. Any hiring employer will be looking for an employee who can make or save the company money. Your value should be seen from this angle, and you should present your accomplishments in the same voice.

Revise your Resume

You have to go out to the job market with a resume that works to your advantage. If by looking at it you feel it does not sell you, redo it. Ensure that it underlines your strengths and it communicates clearly your desired job objective. Do not show more than ten years’ work history as any work before that may not be relevant any more. Remove all activities, trainings, achievements that go back more than a few years.

Do not let discrimination or the opinion of one hiring process discourage you. The fact that people are hiring everyday should keep you going. With the advantages you have over younger people you have no reason to give up on your quest



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