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SEO –Is It Really Important When Posting A Job?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of making enhancing the visibility of a certain website or page in a search engine results. It is one of the only free of charge methods that enables recruiters to streamline and attract organic traffic from search engines. Why is SEO important? It is the primary ways of making your job post appear at the top of results, thus helping you attract the optimal number of candidates for the job.

 Search engine optimization is heavily dependent on the use of keywords. This means that recruiters who wish to hire suitable employees must use important and commonly search for words within their job post to make sure that it appears in search results. The following is a brief look at the importance of keywords and how it affects the visibility of your job post.


Hiring managers are advised to carefully consider important keywords when writing their job title, description and requirements. These are the words that will attract individuals to the job vacancy through online search engines.

One of the most popular keyword search tools is the Google AdWords feature offered by the largest search engine in the world – Google. Recruiters are recommended to research important words to find out which words are searched by internet users. By doing this, you can ensure that you use these keywords within your job post.

Optimize the Job Title

The job title of your job post is bound to attract the majority of organic traffic for the vacancy. This title is indexed into search engines, thus ensuring that it appears in results whenever the specific words are searched for. By using a detailed and comprehensive job title, recruiters can make sure that only suitable candidates find their job post and apply for it.

The job title of the post can make the difference between attracting the right candidates or not.

For Example:

The job title for a sales position can simply be: “Salesperson Wanted”

However, by adding the job’s position within the company hierarchy can help attract candidates of the right caliber – thus changing the title to: “Sales Executive”

By detailing the scope of the job role, you can further enhance the chances of appealing to the right applicants. Therefore: “Telephone Sales Executive”

Furthermore, by detailing another aspect of the job you can ensure that you get suitable individuals applying for the job opening: “Part-time Sales Executive”

Adding the position and description of the role reiterates the job vacancy’s scope and helps internet users determine whether or not they are suitable for the position. By refining the job title, recruiters can make sure that they obtain the most appropriate candidates for the role.

Rethink the Job Description

The job description of a job vacancy provides a comprehensive overview of the job role. It briefly describes the company, the duties of the position and the required skills. This short piece of text should incorporate keywords to ensure that it is search engine optimized.

It is recommended that you write highly searched for keywords into your job description. Search for keywords that are important for the job role.

For Example:

Keeping with the above example of Sales Executive, important keywords to include in the job post description would be:

  • Negotiation
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Problem solver
  • Positive attitude

It is imperative to utilize the most fitting keywords into your job post to make it unique and searchable. By researching and including the right keywords and optimizing their job post, recruiters can attract organic traffic to their job post and thus hire qualified individuals. 

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