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Seven Helpful Apps for Busy Working Mothers

Busy Working Mother

A recent study from the Pew Research center stated that in approximately 40% of US households with children, women are the primary breadwinner. The research showed that nearly two-thirds of these households are led by single mothers. (Source: Working mothers, whether single or married, are extremely busy in their daily lives. This article shares some helpful apps which can make life easier for these working moms.

# 1 The Uber app connects people with a driver at the touch of a button. You use your mobile phone app to fill out your current location and your destination. It’s a simple one tap to ride system. They offer reliable pickups and clear pricing. The best feature for busy working mothers is that this service is cashless and convenient. You pay through your mobile phone. The app is available on iPhone, Android and at  

# 2 The Grabb app is a wonderful tool to help working mothers save time and effort when eating out for quick serve meals. People who utilize this app can skip the line and order their meals online through their mobile phones. You can browse menus at your favorite local quick serve restaurants, coffee shops and cafés. The app allows you to prepay for your order and you can get real time notifications at each stage of your order. It’s a convenient no cash, no card system where you pay through your mobile phone. They offer another feature where you can discover new restaurants and their online security standards protect your financial information.

# 3 The Remember the Milk app is great for on-the-go working mothers. You can manage your tasks from anywhere on your mobile phone. The system will send you reminders via email, SMS or IM. If a mom needs to share a task, she can have her spouse or someone else get a reminder about the task. Managing the tasks offline is easy and the system allows users to utilize this tool in conjunction with Google calendar and also add tasks from iGoogle. The best part about this app is that it is free to use this system.  

# 4 The Ubernote app – can be utilized by working mothers as an online resource to help organize their lives. This app works in conjunction with many tools that these moms are currently using. Users can upload notes, files, website bookmarks, videos and any ideas on to the system. The web application works with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and their mobile site works well with iPhone and blackberry devices. Users can also easily send out attachments through email. Busy, working mothers have so much on their plates. Utilizing an online resource like this can assist in organizing their lives and safely store their information online with access from anywhere.

# 5 The Cloud Baby Monitor app – is an easy way to turn your iOS or Mac devices into a baby monitor. Just keep one device with your baby and you can watch live video and audio on other devices with an unlimited range. There is a feature for you to talk to your baby so he or she can hear your voice. You can also play lullabies from your device. Whether a working mother is working at home in another room from her baby or employed outside the home—this app can provide peace of mind.

# 6 The LinkedIn app – is a well-known business networking site. The nice feature about the LinkedIn business app is that it allows working mothers to stay connected with all of their business contacts all the time, even when these mothers are on the go.

# 7 The CamCard app – is another important online resource for busy working mothers. When you’re on-the-go and continually meeting new business contacts each day, what better way to keep all of your business card contacts in order than with an online app. This system reads business cards and saves them instantly to the user’s mobile phone contact list. It syncs all of the user’s cards across her smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app.

Working mothers are extremely busy each day with various responsibilities for their jobs, businesses and also with their families. One thing they’d all probably agree on is that they need more time in their day. Staying organized is one way to eliminate the factor of wasting time. This can add more time to their day. These seven apps can assist these working mothers in their daily professional and personal endeavors.

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