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WEB & TECH / DEC. 19, 2014
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How to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered on Social Platforms

You’re a creative human being with a lot of knowledge at your disposal. Yet for some reason you can’t quite get your head around marketing. This is a problem many artists face. Whether they’re publishing videos, posting pictures or trying to succeed through written content, they don’t know how to reach the right audience. It’s a conundrum you could write a book on. But today we’re going to give you the tips you need to get discovered on social platforms.


Choose the Right Platforms

There’s safety in numbers. It means you have people signing up to absolutely every social platform they can think of in the hope the right people will find them. This isn’t going to work. It’s an old-fashioned style of thinking from the days of article marketing and link neighbourhoods. It’s no longer the best way to accomplish your goals.


You need to find out where the right audience is. Examine each social media platform and think about whether the right people are even here. For example, a blogger on art isn’t going to have much luck operating on the professional network LinkedIn.

Publish Different Types of Content

Gone are the days where you can specialise in one form of content or another. Even the most prominent video makers still publish text-based and image-based content. They understand it’s necessary to deliver what their audience wants. We all have our preferences.

Whilst you may prefer to communicate in a certain way, get into the habit of offering a variety of content. This is going to make it more likely that people will find you and investigate what other types of content you have on offer.

Cater to the needs of your audience not your personal needs.

Get Your Market Testing Right and Ready

You’re never going to hit upon the right tactics immediately. The problem with a lot of creative people is they never get it right because they don’t test the waters. At no point do they decide to focus on marketing. Instead, they’ll try one thing for six months and then never change. They’ll bang their head against the wall unnecessarily.

Test each tactic out for a week or two and measure the results. Log the results and move on to the next option. Your marketing campaign should be in a constant state of flux. You should always consider new ideas. If you don’t, you’re going to keep failing over and over again.

Realise the Luck Aspect

The reason we haven’t gone through specific tactics here is successful social marketing relies on adhering to the principles described above. These never change no matter how many changes each individual platform goes through. If we published a list of tactics, the chances are a few moves from now most of them would have changed in some way.

Getting discovered is often a matter of luck. Perseverance increases your chances of getting lucky, but it doesn’t guarantee you success. The only way you can guarantee success is by never giving up and forever looking for a new and revolutionary way of getting ahead of the pack.

Through comprehensive market testing and optimising your targeting, you’re already more successful than 90% of people in your position. Most people will do what they have always done, regardless of whether they get the right results.

Ignore those who seem to succeed straight away. These are the exception to the rule and are literally one in a million. As for the rest of us, we need to do things the right way and hope we see success in time.


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