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Shortcuts to Landing Your First Job [Infographic]


Did you know the overall unemployment rate for undergraduate degree holders has reached 7.9% in the US? When Compared to those with graduate degrees who have to face an unemployment rate of 3.3%, the 7.9% seems to be a very high percentage. This implies that the more qualifications you have, the more chances you have to become employed as soon as you finish your studies. On this note, qualifications could be regarded as a shortcut to landing your first job.

This infographic from Collegefeed presents several othershortcuts to landing a job with an undergraduate or graduate degree. Apart from sending your CV to prospective employers, you will need to increase your chances of finding your dream job by becoming self-aware and setting SMART goals to reach your target. Of course this will require a lot of preparation – on an academic and personal level, as well as networking with other professionals.

Key take-aways from the infographic:

  • 80% of jobs are found through networking.
  • Almost 80% of employers conduct online searches for applicants.
  • Nursing, Elementary Education, and Physical Fitness majors have the lowest unemployment rates in US.
  • Information technology, architecture and anthropology majors have the highest unemployment rates in US.

Infographic recommendations for jobseekers:

  • Explore yourself, and your career needs.
  • Make use of online resources to connect with employers such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and participate in conversations.
  • Perfect your CV and cover letter to get an interview and practice networking, negotiating and interviewing to get the job.
  • Network by leveraging existing contacts and offering free help.

Take a look at the infographic to get more information in regards to shortcuts that will help you get your dream job as well as tips to make a strong first impression at your next job interview!


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