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Should Employees be Encouraged to Sleep on the Job?

A new craze has developed for tables made of ‘foam’ that allow employees to actually sleep comfortably at work! Whilst the concept has gone down well with employees, it has not been received quite so well amongst employers.

The Daily Mail reported that the ‘foam desks’ known as the Daydreamer Desk costs a staggering £950!

Inventor of the Daydreamer Desk, 27 year old Nick DeMarco, has stated that he hopes the desks will encourage a ‘laid back casual attitude to work life’. However, is this really something that employers would want to promote? Especially considering the tough economic climate!

The Daydreamer Desk

The desk is effectively an office table with a soft foam surface which is soft enough for employees to lean forward and ‘snooze’ at work. Within the foam, there is a wooden block (8.5 inches by 11 inches) which enables the employee to write and carry out their normal daily activities.

Described as a ‘practical and comfortable’ stress reliever, the desk is thought to combine innovation, creativity, and practicality in one.

Practicality or nuisance?

For those working long hours with excessive over time week on week, then the Daydreamer Desk could potentially be a great idea for companies to integrate into their workplaces; however, for the majority, working a 5 day week, 9-5, hardly calls for the need to catch up on lost sleep during working hours.

One-step further

Nick DeMarco has also created the ‘Zen Desk’ which is a desk and sandpit combined. As literal as it sounds, the Zen Desk incorporates a standard working desk, with a sand-pit surface which gives employees the opportunity to ‘doodle’ and feel sand as they work. This is thought to instigate more creativity and relaxation amongst workers, making them more productive.



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