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Should I Quit My Job? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

While quitting your job is an appealing prospect for many, it is a decision that needs to be carefully contemplated by individuals. Leaving your job takes a certain amount of determination and courage since it is a step that determines the direction of your career. Most people quit their job because they feel unsatisfied with their work, and are in an unhappy environment – both being good enough reasons to start looking elsewhere; however there are certain factors that should be considered before.

Here are the 5 questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking of quitting your current job:

Have You Worked For 18 Months?

Generally, companies have a 3-6 month probation period to assess your suitability for the position. Provided that you passed this, you should strive to stay at a job for a minimum of 18 months – this rule is based on the fact that you take 5-6 months to adjust, 6-10 months to improve and 12-16 months to shine.

After this period of time, you have had the opportunity to prove your abilities therefore you should be receiving good feedback and reviews. In the event that you feel you have reached a dead-end, that is, zero growth within the firm and low self esteem, it is time to move onto better things.

Have You Given It Your Best Shot?

It is important to keep your morale high and perform to your best ability in every single job you are employed in. A shocking number of people give 75% to their job, and expect 100% in return – which is an equation that will never be reciprocated.

Make sure that you are giving 100% at work before you make the decision to quit, because your stagnant position may be due to less effort and low performance. If you are giving everything you got and not happy, then it is surely time to look around.

Is It Work, Or Is It Something Else?

Many people confuse their personal life stresses with their work life. Try to keep these two separate in order to judge where you unhappiness is rooted. If you are stressing about your personal life issues at work, then it is effecting your productivity – therefore making you perform worse.

Identify the specific reasons that you feel like quitting. Is it your colleagues, your boss, or your actual job? Is it the industry or the company? Answering these questions will help you determine where or not to quit your job.

Are You Underpaid?

Yes, the economy is fragile and jobs are being cut – but this does not mean that you should work like a horse and get paid minimum wage. You have researched and you know your worth therefore you should ask for a better salary.

If you are faced with excuses and empty promises, it is definitely time to look around for a job that pays you for the effort and work that you put in.

Can You Afford To Make The Move?

While quitting your job to find a better paid, exclusive benefits and happy company culture position is tempting, you should review your personal finances before you make the decision. You may have financial obligations such as loans and mortgages to pay off, don’t base your decision on a bad day at work, but base it on facts and reality.

Check your account and see if you can afford to be unemployed for a couple of months before you march into the head office to hand in your notice! It is advised that you secure a job before you quit to ensure a smooth transition in terms of finances.  

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