WORKPLACE / JUN. 11, 2015
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Should You Become Your Boss’s Facebook Friend? [Video]

So you get a friend request, and it’s your boss. What do you do? Do you accept it right away or do you just allow yourself a couple of minutes to think it through?

Let’s see…If you ignore the friend request, things at work may be awkward, and your relationship with your boss could be colder than ever. On the other hand, if you confirm your Facebook friendship then things at work will still be awkward with the only difference being that you are constantly under your boss’s control. Essentially, you are going to be under surveillance 24/7, and your boss will always know what you did or where’ve been the night before. This is a no-win situation!

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Check out this hilarious video from Elite Daily and find out what really happens when your boss sends you a friend request on Facebook!

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