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Should You Blog During the Holidays

The holidays are a time where you have a few conundrums to deal with. You have to figure out whether you’re going to continue to blog during the holidays. Let’s get the first question out of the way and say you should be blogging during the holidays. Okay, people aren’t at work, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disconnected from the Internet. They’re still passing the hours by visiting their favourite sites.

So let’s go further and investigate what you should do during the holidays:

Your Content

We’re very much fans of using unique holiday content this time of year. People are feeling festive, and they want to stay that way. Treat it in that way, and you can even use it for some ‘one-time only’ holiday promotions. Of course, this will work for some blogs better than others. It’s wise to start thinking about what your readers are going to want a few weeks in advance of the holidays.

If you’re lost for what to write, consider asking your readers directly. Reach out on social media and see what they have to say on the matter. It’s a fantastic way to foster interaction between you and your readers.

Remember, this is the one time of year where you’ll be able to address some holiday concerns directly. Make sure you get it right.

What about Your Schedule?

Your schedule is another matter altogether. Novice bloggers assume that around Christmas Day and New Year’s Day they don’t have to post any content at all. They think that nobody is going to come online to read it. This is where you couldn’t be more wrong. Apart from the fact a lot of people still come online to read blogs on big holidays, you have an international audience to cater for.

When it’s the middle of the night in your country, it’s the middle of the day in another country. You also have to remember that not every country celebrates holidays on the same day, and some don’t celebrate our holidays at all. For example, Finland has Christmas Day on the 24. In Russia, Christmas doesn’t come until January.

The point is there’s always a point in keeping to a solid schedule and not automatically discounting holidays as days where you can publish new content.

The Differences in Blogs

What you’ve just read isn’t the rule for every single blog. Some blogs in some industries can reduce the amount they post. There’s little point in publishing content on a corporate or business blog during the holidays. There are so few people working that it isn’t worth the loss of content. Leave it for a time where people are actually awake and working.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re running a blog where you’re helping mothers deal with their children. That’s a blog that remains relevant every day of the year; therefore you would continue to post content without any problems.

It’s you who has to make a judgement call on this. Think about your ideal reader and whether they would want to read content during the holidays. If you aren’t sure, be on the safe side and publish some content. The worst that happens is nobody reads it. If that happens, you can always promote it later on.

Always remember that you don’t have to take time out of your own holiday to manage your blog. Schedule your blogs far in advance so they publish at the designated time automatically. Most platforms, including WordPress, have tools built in to help you do this.

Just make sure you return every so often to reply to any comments sent in your general direction. After all, there are no tools yet available that can speak on your behalf.

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