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Should You Quit Your Job or Stick With It?


You’ve probably had a lot of practice resigning from your job, right?.

This brilliant, engaging infographic may help you succeed. Beautifully designed by Julio Rivera, BBC, it takes you through a number of possible options to help you decide whether you should, indeed, quit or stick. Typical leaving points such as having a nightmare boss are included, as are other triggers such as a partner’s circumstances. Sticking points include, unsurprisingly, having another (better) job offer or the dichotomous position of having no other job to go to.

Difficult Decision

The decision to leave a job is not one to be taken lightly as typically, the decision will not only affect you, but also those around you – your friends and family. Given that the typical average length of stay in a job is around 4 – 5 years, according to one study, there will be a time, perhaps sooner rather than later, when you will leave your job. Use the infographic to guide your thinking and ensure the decision you make is the right one for your circumstances.

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Keep it Professional

P.S.: The bookends – how you start and finish – are key in any professional relationship. So give as much thought to your finish as you did to your start, when you worked so hard to give the best impression of yourself. So finish as you start, regardless of the reason for your leaving, ensuring that you leave on a professional note. You never know: you may find yourself working with the company again at some point in the future.

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