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How to Show Recruiters You Really Want the Job

So, you have already created a list of the companies you want to work for. Now, how can you make it clear to the recruiters you want to work for them? Instead of condemning losing yourself in the crowd, apply the approach of the winner and do anything that’s possible to beat the competition. If you can manage to differentiate yourself from other candidates, employers are going to remember you when they are recruiting.

Here are some tips to show recruiters you really want the job:

#1 Contact recruiters

Don’t just email recruiters, call them! Stating your name on a piece of paper – or email, is one thing, but allowing recruiters to actually hear your name is quite another. Upon initial contact, call employers and tell them you want to work for them for a specific position of your choice, even if they are not currently recruiting. Ask for an informational interview if available since this shows your interest in the position and organisation. If this is not possible; make sure you ask appropriate questions in regards to the role including what other special skills or qualifications are required for the position and ask them if you could send them your CV for future reference.

#2 Express your enthusiasm

Tell them why you want to work at their company and why they should want you to work from them. Provide facts, numbers and previous achievements to show just how excellent you are when it comes to your work performance. Also, it is important to refer to how the organisation will benefit from selecting you as an employee and differentiate yourself from other candidates. So, express your passion and what motivates you in working within the particular field and point out key traits of your personality that are essential to success such as willpower, determination, persistence and leadership.

#3 Show knowledge of the business and industry 

If you get a chance during the interview, refer to recent developments within the industry and state your opinion. Employers want people who are able to express and communicate their ideas to the rest of the group and simply make their voice heard. So if you feel there is something that’s not working properly within the industry let them know as it is okay to disagree. This will show that you care about the future of the industry and that you have knowledge of current business trends. Perhaps you could refer to key professionals from the field, preferably to someone who you look up to, a key influencer or a successful businessman within the company.

#4 Follow up 

If you have already been to the interview, make sure that you send a thank you note or email to the recruiters as a follow-up. This will show them you appreciated the time they offered you, that you listened to what they told you and that you were excited about your conversation. Without a doubt, since this is not something that every applicant does, it will give you a competitive boost.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to look too desperate and ending up begging recruiters to give you a job! Follow these tips to help you convince employers you are the perfect candidate for the job by simply showing your interest in any way possible.

How are you going to show recruiters you are interested in the job? Leave your comments below.

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