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WORKPLACE / JUL. 23, 2013
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How to Show your Staff you Care

It’s not easy being the boss. You have to run a tight ship whilst giving your staff a degree of autonomy, and you have to manage your staff in a firm but fair manner. Masters these qualities can be more difficult than it appears, but one of the most difficult elements of being boss has to be knowing how to show your staff that you value them.

Here are some useful tips on how you can show your staff you care whilst remaining a professional and respected manager in the workplace.

#1 When staff meet group targets, take them out for a celebratory dinner and drinks.

#2 For individual targets being achieved, tailor the reward for the employee according to their own personal interests and needs. E.g. Free tickets to see Justin Beiber in concert for an employee who loves Justin Beiber.

#3 Provide daily refreshments for your employees such as tea, coffee, juices, fresh fruit and biscuits.

#4 Set up a socializing/canteen area where your staff can take their breaks and relax for a while.

#5 Reward each employee for their loyalty to the company by giving an extra half days holiday for every year they work up until 31 days per year.

#6 Set up a rewards system whereby commission is given for targets that are met.

#7 Give Christmas bonuses or end of year reward incentives to keep employees motivated and to show that you appreciate their hard work.

#8 Shut the office for an extra few days around Christmas and Easter to allow those employees with children to spend a few extra days with them.

#9 Set up an overtime system, whereby you reward each employee accordingly for extra hours they put in to meet tight deadlines.

#10 Hold office parties every now and again to show staff that you are grateful for their dedication to their jobs.


These are just some ideas that will help you to show your staff that you care and value them as employees without losing your sense of authority or respect, and without damaging your firm but fair management style. 

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