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15 Best Side Jobs You Need to Try Out

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Whether you have already decided on a career or not, there is always a way to make extra money. The latest working trend is called ‘side gigs’ and it’s a popular option for millennials. These side gigs allow you to retain multiple streams of income through two or more jobs that are either offered part-time or on a project-basis. If you want to enjoy a flexible work schedule and make some more money, this article gives out a few ideas you can try out…

1. Ride Share/Delivery Driver

Let’s start with driving. This is by far the easiest and most accessible side hustle (in many people’s opinions) because of convenience and skill. As long as you know how to drive and are not a felon you’re qualified for the job. Conveniently, many of the big transportation companies like Uber and Lyft have work-on-your-own-time style platforms. They incentivise their riders with promotions (usually based on ride-count and time on the road) but there’s no restriction to how much you can or can’t work.

It’s the perfect tool if you commute and want to make some money on your way home or spend a few hours at weekend making money. And there's quite a bit of earning potential. According to this ridesharing infographic, the average salary for Uber and Lyft drivers was between 27,000 - 39,000 per year.

2. Freelance Photographer

All you need to become a freelance photographer is a camera, creativity and a passion for capturing life through a lens. As a freelance photographer you can set your own prices and start building your network quite early. The best way to start is to be open to every opportunity because you can’t be too picky when you are starting out. Photographers are needed for special events such as weddings and other social occasions. But if you are not into that, you can take photos and sell them on stock photography websites that pay you every time your photograph is purchased.

3. Event Planner

Planning events is not for the faint-hearted because it can get really demanding and stressful at times. How successful you are going to be at it, depends on your experience, self-management and leadership skills. So if you think you have the ability to delegate, organise and keep yourself under control, this is a good side hustle that will allow you to work out of the office for a change. The salary varies depending on the type(s) of events you choose to host, per hour e.g. planning for weddings, birthday parties, business conferences or any type of event that you have an interest in, but there the average pay is £8.55 per hour.

4. Translator

Knowing how to speak a foreign language is a huge advantage in the modern job market. The more languages you speak, the better your chances of getting a job as a translator. Many companies carrying out business internationally require employees who are bilingual and can speak two or more languages. If you choose to work as a translator, you will be based in a virtual office, using Skype or other online services to join conferences and live conversations to translate documents and recordings. Languages that are high in demand are Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, and Korean or Chinese, so if you are familiar with any of these, you are winning.

5. Blogging

Have you ever thought of creating a blog? Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money on the side. The cash won’t come in a day, but if you are consistent and serious about it, it can become a huge success. Simply choose what you want to write about, post unique and engaging content, promote it effectively and you will start getting visitors.

Thanks to the internet, there are now many writing opportunities. If you want to become a writer, there are some helpful sites you can check out to start your side job online. Take a look at some of the most popular ones including Problogger, Blogging Pro or WritersDomain amongst many others. If you already have a successful blog, you can look more into affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and start offering banner advertising and sponsored posts.

6. Bookkeeper

Every company needs a bookkeeper. If you are into accounting you can become a bookkeeper for a small or large organisation that needs your help. This can be done through online tools such as QuickBooks which make handling books a lot easier. What’s great about this job, is that you can work for as many companies as you can ‘handle’.


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7. Tutoring

If you are good at an academic subject, you can become a tutor. Offer one-to-one or group lessons to people who want to learn something new. Be it drawing, cooking, music, history, mathematics, foreign languages, you can make the best use of it and teach others. A good idea might be to ask at colleges, or universities, - or work from home - to find if there are any available positions and are willing to employ you on a part-time schedule. Alternatively, you can become an instructor at Udemy, create your own course and get paid for it.

8. Sign Language Interpreter

Sign language interpreters are in high demand because it isn’t a common skill. As one, you will help people with hearing impairments communicate and you can do this either part-time or freelance. You can earn £25 to £30 an hour, and it is one of the most rewarding professions that you can ever work in. With this job you could be featured in popular events, TV shows or even the news. Who knows you could even become famous!

9. Dog Walker

If you love taking care of animals, then you will have fun with this job. As a dog walker, you get to exercise every day providing an easy way to stay fit, and walk as many dogs as you can – for at least for an hour per day. On top of this, you also get paid. A recent report has shown that dog walkers earn a fifth more than the average UK salary and work less than half average hours. Although, this has some kind of responsibility to the dog owners – similarly to babysitting, if you think you are good with animals and know what they need, you are the perfect fit for this role.

10. Graphic or Web Designer

If you have the creative flair and want to help other people create a visually appealing advert, an engaging website for their business, graphic or web design is the ideal job for you. You can work for start-ups, already established companies or individuals who are in need of a graphic designer to come up with an attractive logo for their business. Or you can advertise your services and reach out to musicians or other artists who want to promote their work in any way possible.

11. Sell Your Stuff

This is more like a side hustle than an actual job, but the outcome is the same; it helps you make more money. If you have any products at home you no longer make use of, you can sell them on eBay or Amazon. These could be anything from books you have read, old phones or devices you don’t need but think other people would want. Apart from selling your own stuff, you can also buy products you think will sell and then list them on the site. If you prefer the offline bazar e.g. yard sales, be warned that it will be more difficult to get known or sell anything unless you have a strong support network.

12. Babysitter

For some, working with children is one of the greatest joys in life. For others, not so much. If you are in the first category of people, then you will enjoy working as a babysitter. You could earn as much as £11 per hour depending on your location. If you think you have enough patience to look after children, and have some experience with them in any kind of setting e.g. school, nursery or family upbringings, you should to consider this option.

13. Rent Your Space

Have extra space in your house and don’t know what to do with it? A spare room, an empty garage or a storage space that you can make good use of? If yes, you can rent it to visitors, travelers, tourists and every person who is in need of a place to stay. Websites like Airbnb, Home Away, FlipKey can help you list and market your property so make sure you check them first.

14. Make and Sell Art and Crafts

One of the easiest side hustles, is to make and sell your art and crafts. You get to earn some money while doing something you love and enjoy. It can be anything from jewelry, to simple creations for décor purposes – which seem to be in fashion nowadays. The only downside to this job is that it isn’t as lucrative as most other side jobs. But it can still be a great starting point. If your offline business fails to launch, try your luck with the modern tools provided by online marketplaces such as Etsy.

15. Online Coaching or Consulting

You don’t need to have much experience in consulting to coach other people. Apart from a blogger, you can become a coach and offer advice to people who need your help. If there’s a subject you are good at, or know a lot about a particular field really well, you can easily share this knowledge with others online. You can do it through instant chat, a Skype call or email, whatever suits you best. If done right you can establish you as an expert in your field in no time. 

Any of these side jobs are great options if you want to make some extra money. Out of the ones listed in the article, which would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below…

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