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Signs of a Bad Candidate

During the hiring process it can be difficult to gauge whether or not a candidate is right for the role. They may be perfect on paper, meeting all of your ideals and saying the right thing in person. However at this stage it is essential to look out for factors that can strike you as suspicious.

Leaves you waiting

A candidate who is late for an interview should be immediately flagged as not right for the role, unless something entirely out of their control has occurred that leads you to treat this specific incident in isolation. Candidates who turn up late without good reason should be regarded as immature, unprofessional and disinterested in the position.

Unprofessional or suspicious behavior 

One of the telltale signs of a bad candidate is their behavior in the reception area or waiting room. Are they texting or making phone calls? Do they seem unprofessional or immature? All of these indicators will help you to gauge the value of the candidate.

Has limited knowledge of the company

Candidates being interviewed should at least have a little background knowledge of the company in order to be as prepared as possible for the interview. This also demonstrates that they are eager to work for the organization.

Lacks enthusiasm or interest  

A bad candidate is one who does not show enough enthusiasm during the interview. Personality is equally as important as skill therefore if the candidate is lacking in the required eagerness towards the company and the role, these are telltale signs of a bad candidate.

Candidates also need to demonstrate passion and energy. If their focus is on the holiday pay, sick leave and annual leave allowance, they are inappropriate for the role. Equally if a candidate is unable to ask interesting and insightful questions at the end of the interview, they should also be regarded with suspicion.

Speaks negatively about a former employee

Negative talk in general is unacceptable in an interview setting however speaking about a former employee in a negative light shows disrespect, unprofessionalism and lack of perception.


Taking into consideration the above factors may aid you in locating top candidates. 

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