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LEADERSHIP / MAY. 07, 2014
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Signs That You’d Make A Good Boss

We’ve all had a boss that no one likes because they’re obnoxious or just let the power go to their head. Not everyone has what it takes to lead a team of people, but maybe you do. While there will never be a perfect boss, let’s look at some signs that employees would pick you as a boss that everyone will love.

Being Observant

If you’re listening to the people you work with and are observant of the problems and strive to create solutions, then you are perfect in a management role. People that are observant usually follow-up on areas they think are, or will be problematic.
Everyone wants a boss they can talk to about conflicts that occur in the workspace. The great thing is that you treat everyone the same because you know them well enough to manage them as individuals.

You Want to Grow

You’re a continuous learner and are always looking to develop your skills and knowledge. You appreciate feedback received from co-workers and senior-level management on what to improve on. You can take harsh criticism because it’s important and necessary for personal and professional growth.

Are Accountable

It’s horrible when a boss does something wrong and blame it on one of their employees with no remorse. If you created a problem then admit to it, people will respect you more for your honesty. Your employees will know what you stand for and will be proud to stand with you.

You Care About The Company                                                             

A good manager is always looking for areas in which the company or the department they work in can grow. These people make sure that the company is a proper depiction of its mission. While focusing on the company is the top priority, a good boss will always make sure that their employees are happy. They might get genuine pleasure from helping others do their best which will eventually inspire your workers to do their finest work.


Being empathetic is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you care about what goes on in the lives of your employees. You not only pay attention to what your employees say, but you express emotion and can comfort them when things are rough. Your word carries impact. Being heard and understood can make people feel important and they will appreciate the fact that you cared to listen. Being empathetic is fundamental to becoming a great leader because it’s a key part to building relationships. Everyone is human.

While everyone has a different style of leadership, these traits will ensure that you will make a great boss. You understand that the title may give you power over people, but it’s what you do with the power that makes you the best. Don’t be afraid to take on more responsibility, you might find that you’ll enjoy the challenge.

Have you recently or are thinking of taking up a management position? What do you think a person needs to be a good boss? Your thoughts and comments below please…

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