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Sirius Scheme to Bring the World’s Best Entrepreneurial Talent to the UK

Ever dreamt of relocating to the UK to set up an innovative business idea? Then go for the Sirius Programme - a 12-month start-up support and acceleration scheme available to students and recent graduates who have an early-stage business idea or an established business plan. The programme applies to business ideas in any sector that have great potential to succeed in the UK. Successful applicants receive comprehensive support, including investment, mentoring and logistical help with relocating to the UK as well as a place in one of the world’s best business accelerator programmes.

The programme aims to attract hundreds of young entrepreneurs in the UK in its first two years. The emerging businesses are in turn expected to create new jobs, bring in foreign investment, and make a significant cumulative impact on the UK economy.

How the Programme Works

First of all, the scheme is open for final university students from anywhere in the world who graduated in 2011 or later. Bear in mind that you will have to enter as part of a team of 2-4 members (at least half of the team must be non-British). In case you want to team up but you don’t know with whom, then you can try finding a potential partner through the Sirius Community.

After this, you have to apply to the stream that is most suited to you. There are two basic streams, namely the ‘Business stream’ which applies to those who have already started out with a business as well as the ‘Idea stream’ for those who have a concept, but haven’t yet started putting it into practice.

Upon the application process, you will have to respond to the questions on the application platform; such as why your idea or business plan is a great one, and why you are the right person/team to make it a success.

Judging decisions are made on a monthly basis by an expert team and if you are successful, you will be contacted by someone from the Sirius Programme to discuss how to proceed further. Once you have been accepted, all your documentation is sorted, and you must also plan your arrival in the UK. The Sirius Scheme crew will be on hand to help you settle in the UK and embark on the programme as soon as possible.

What are the Benefits of the Programme?

The programme does not only provide considerable financial support to successful applicants but a wide range of different benefits included in the additional support package. Here are the key benefits of the scheme in a nutshell:

-       Each successful applicant receives financial support of £12,000, paid out in regular installments over the 12 month period.

-       Graduate Entrepreneur's visa - endorsed by UKTI

-       Introduction to a bank to set-up fast track bank account

-       Assistance to find suitable accommodation

-       Concierge services, such as a UK SIM card and assistance in gaining a National Insurance (NI) number

-       Place on an appropriate accelerator programme (including office space, mentoring and other services)

-       A world class, experienced and successful mentor that will help kick start your networks, access to clients and funding to help you build a successful business

How to Apply?

If you are interested in applying to this pioneering entrepreneurial scheme, you can do so by clicking on this link. The final deadline is the 15 January 2014.

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