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Skype Interviews: Tips and Benefits

With unemployment in many sectors at a record high, the market has changed dramatically from an employee-based market to an employer’s market. With a market so saturated with available job seekers, employers are in an advantageous position when it comes to hiring, as they are able to determine salaries, hours required and many other factors, without being at risk of losing employees or struggling to find new ones.

With a market directed towards the employer and not the employee, it is no surprise that recruiters are opting for more unconventional interview techniques, such as Skype interviews.

Benefits of Skype interviews

In today’s tight economic circumstances, Skype interviews present a more convenient way to conduct an interview. A growing number of recruiters are relying on video technology to perform job interviews. According to reports, 42% of businesses used video interviewers throughout 2011 for the purpose of performing job interviews, and this statistic looks set to grow for 2012.

Preparing for the interview

When conducting a Skype interview you will need to prepare beforehand. The first thing that you will be required to do is to find a quiet setting that features a professional looking background. Aim for a plain, white wall that will not be a distraction to the interviewee. Ensure that background noise in the room is kept to a minimum and avoid the use of telephones in the room. Keep lighting bright but not overly bright.

Keep your Skype name professional. Specify the time of the interview and expect the interviewee to be signed in and ready at least ten minutes before the interview start time.

Perform a test check to ensure that you are familiar with Skype’s technology. Check your internet connection is fast enough and that the sound on your computer’s settings is loud enough for the candidate to clearly hear you.

During the interview

Maintain eye contact with the candidate by looking at the camera and not at the screen. Introduce yourself to the individual, speak loudly and clearly into the microphone and give the candidate plenty of time to respond to your questions.

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